Advanced Hockey Shooting Techniques –

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How To Hockey says:

Well said, I also will add that there is less friction on the ice so you
need to be a bit faster with your execution. There will be an awkward stage
when going from shooting a lot off-ice to on-ice but you will adjust after
you take enough shots on the ice.

pirkoslovenc says:

about that iSnipe app….will you do it for android users too? so more
players could use it?

Davis Eichelberger says:

That is what I have but it is a little heavier than other sticks.

tenthousandfists12 says:


Adam Scandariato says:

what flex do you normally use on your sticks?

How To Hockey says:

Easton 55S, I got it for $40 on sale :)

James Baxter says:

ite i c u nigga workin out nshi not lookin so frail ne more. this vid is
super helpful because i practiced my slapshot like a mug and then got on
the ice and was like wtf. its so much different being an inch or two higher
off the ice. my training was basically useless and its really hard to
practice shooting being a defenseman and not getting alot of ice time

G MONEY says:

it the app for android also?


3:40 is that the hockey training puppy

James Baxter says:


wcarper1 says:

Your bardowns are so butter, Jeremy. Sounds like a gun fight in a bell
factory. Great shooter.

urgrandmascar says:

lol just top cheddar bar down every shot, nbd.

big stoner says:

What stick is that?

ComedyYea says:

What is the better choose Easton stealth 55s or Easton eq40?:))

TheAnonymousOne67 says:

Nothing like an effortless bar-down laser snap. Must be nice…another
quality video. Thanks.

Jeffrey Santiago says:


ISOmara1000 says:

how you been working out? :D

How To Hockey says:

Use your edges

Kyle Morelli says:

will you be playing at play on?

Simon Ledsham says:

I have the same problem. I’m pretty sure it has to do with having good
balance on your skates. I guess if we work on our skating, that off-ice
power and accuracy will translate to on-ice games.

BrianBRYZNASTY says:

review hockeyshots artificial ice

PeteGainz says:

shooting off the toe, does it work best when the blade is a toe curve /

merk1nf00ls says:

good editing

Dustin Shupperd says:

Jeremy where do you live at?

sarniarocks says:

Excellent video Jeremy as always keep up the good work! :-)

How To Hockey says:

that’s priceless, thanks! I’m going to use that

awildermode says:

looks like someone has tickets to the gun show.

Finlay johnson says:

Where do you set up your goal?On your drive?In your garden?

SwiftyG says:

@howtohockeydotcom will the app be coming out for android?

Hockey Tutorial says:

Shooting on and off ice are different. Off the ice you have your natural
control on the ground to help you shoot with power. On the ice you have
your skates blade edges that you need to become comfortable using to help
you generate power while shooting on ice. Its all about using your edges,
working on your stance and balance and remembering to use your stick flex
for power.

CrossenLines says:

I can tell your shot has improved a lot from the first videos you started
out with.Definitely makes me confident in your advice!

SniperNation491990 says:

Hey on this Channel we are trying to work on our skills, can you help us?
We would like to know some tips and what to post. We are beginners and are
trying to be good. Please respond.

beastosity17 says:

Can you make the app available on android or not

Zach Alpert says:

What part of Canada do you live in?

Dirxess says:

Thanks! I worry about the sticks’ length when not on skates. Doesn’t it get
in the way or change the feel?

MECOmaker says:

Is there anyway you could make the app for android phones too? I just
switched over to a droid and I really want to use this app

Davis Eichelberger says:

I would think doing a video on poke checks would be very useful to many
players especially defensemen like myself.

joe3stix says:

I like how he only has the clips of him going bar down haha I would do the
same thing

bradley apps says:

hes not close to nhl standard..

Danny Hi says:

Do you get all you stuff for free

Taze Larson says:

Sweet tips bro! I haven’t been burying the puck as much as I would like but
I am definitely going to try these techniques the next time I lace em up!
That is a sick setup you have there too! So jealous haha

bullet snipes says:

Is it true shooting from the heel makes you more accurate

Dan Ho says:

can you please do a video on how to take a full wrist shot while in stride?

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