Alexei Kovalev teaches how to shoot Warrior hockey

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Alexei Kovalev teaches how to take a snap shot.

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BMack37 says:

@Colnando ..and if I label it wrist shots, I’d get complaints that it’s a
snap shot because he’s not pulling the puck waaay back. There is no
discernible definition to go by.

Nick Bourgs says:

@monindier no

Colnando says:

Title of the video is wrong… should be WRIST shots… no wonder kids
can’t fucking learn correctly nowadays :(

chris cross says:

heh heh he said shaft

Colnando says:

@BMack37 hey fair enough… I’m just a technique kinda guy … no harm done ;)

ezzizle95 says:

Acually those are wrist shots guys. And no snap shots don’t have a wind up
anymore the player flexes the shaft and exploades through the puck

MrKTM4life says:


PLATINUMayham says:

Why do you have a pic of the stig

MiracalsHappen says:

he looks like gretzky

Brett Blair says:

FIRST! kovalev is a fucking banger

BallHockeyShooter says:

“The most important thing that i learned since i was a kid is use my
shaft”. LOL´╗┐

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