Balance Drills for Hockey

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More Workouts: This is series of drills and workout series to work on your balance for hockey. This is good training to include …

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Jake Johnson says:

great drills, going to try them out tomorrow!

247 Hockey Life says:

Right on. Let us know how it goes!

MsScully25 says:

Does it make sense to do this exercises in ice skates – to get a better
feeling for the skates? – I just started ice skating, but I have a few
problems with balancing in the skates!

Adrian Valo says:

hello 247 hockey , these drills are great ! I tried it and its great ! have
got more balance drills ? i want to do differents drills on different days
! thanks

Ms. Thang says:


Alexey Azarnykh says:

what is the purpose dumbbell in this video?

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