Bauer Vapor 1x hockey snipes Upper Corner Hockey

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Bauer Vapor 1x hockey snipes Upper Corner Hockey Specs: p92 blade curve Flex: 87 Lie: 6 Great stick… If you can afford it… I highly recommend it! Buy Here:…

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Steven Mendez says:

Nice shots, do you prefer the p92 or p14 curve more?

Joey Cooper says:

Nice shots

bullet snipes says:

damn sick vid

DaSlick Sloth says:

Great shots!!

hockey magic says:

Sick snipes!!

Savant says:

I want to get the Verbero gloves but I’m afraid people will think they’re

Jakesmagic123 says:

Brent nice shots and I was wondering if you like magic! If you do could you
please check my channel

YellowJackets13 says:

Sick Snipes Brent! Can u check out my new video please?

HockeySnipes 92 says:

Sick snipes!

OmarR24 says:


Tyler Roth says:

sick snipes

Hockey Rocks says:

Nice shots

Marcus Mersch says:

i love you shooting videos, i have been waiting for you 1x sniping video
for a long time. Beauty snipes.

jthockey 94 says:

sick snipes sub back?

Michael Zhang says:

a nice stick

Sean Sibley says:

Check out my newest vid maybe? New channel

Kyle Hockey says:

This is awesome Brent!

Blazej Malachowski says:

Hi. What distance from the net are you shooting from?

Sean Sibley says:

Hey I really like this channel keep doing videos like this!

Maybe check out my latest video while your at it!

Sauce N Flow14 says:

please check out my recent shooting videos

Cam North says:

Nice shots brent! Could you possibly check out my newest vid?

Zane Shockley says:

Love it. What video series should I do next?

Uppercornerhockey says:

1x shots… filmed on my canon 70d with 50mm lens… how does it look?
everything looks so close with this lens or is it just me? 

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