Dryland Hockey Training Exercise for Kids

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http://www.hockeyot.com/ This is a simple exercise that is a good starting point for young athletes learning to perform the squat. The squat is one of the basic movement patterns that every…

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Hieu Nguyen says:

This may be the single most great video on YouTube.

popoleckerarschfrau says:

whens the next amazing video

MLGSnipingxD says:

helped me aloot

GamingPls says:

that s how I play bowling

Ad Soy says:

glad i clicked to watch this

FSTutorials4U says:

where i can download it?

maianhduongvn says:

Epicness all the way

Faye Saito says:

the music is amazing :-)

Huynh Ngoc Thinh 2002 says:

Much better than I expected..congrats!

Hyyerr Kid says:

y r u so good at making videos??

Bout-It says:

keep it comming

MrDevil666ify says:

everyone told me about your videos and they are nice

NSK131 says:

haha ive done that xD

Thành Thái says:

That video was awesome!

Minh ngo dieu says:

Going in my Favorites now.

Lop QTKD K41 Nhom 11 says:

I subbed. Gr8 vid

Le Huu Thu says:

I completely agree. This video opened my eyes. Subscribed. Thank you

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