Dryland Hockey Training Workouts – 3D Dumbell Sequence

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www.hockeyot.com Hockey Training That Will Take Your Game to the Next Level! HockeyOT was designed by pro hockey players & coaches. It’s like having your own personal hockey strength & conditioning coach at a fraction of the cost. Get access to over 350 videos Create a custom training program Record and track your progress Compare stats with other athletes Memberships starting from as low as $19/month www.hockeyot.com 3D Dumbell Sequence Hockey Training Workout. HockeyOT is a customized online hockey training program designed by former NHL strength & conditioning coach, Dr. Chad Moreau. Visit www.hockeyot.com.

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rhyno6917 says:

Is this a new´╗┐ form of dancing or unproductive training

HockeyOnlineTraining says:

Sometimes my pro players will make fun of this exercise until they try it and are gasping for breath after the 50-60 seconds of full body work incorporating hockey-specific lunge type patterns involving´╗┐ the upper body pushing-type patterns! I challenge you to give this exercise a try!

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