Dryland Off-Ice Hockey Training-Anaheim Ducks Sheldon Souray HockeyOT Strength Circuit

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http://www.hockeyot.com/ Want to train the way the All-Star defenseman Sheldon Souray does? Follow Sheldon for a 4-exercise strength circuit starting with 10…

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Syed Majiduddin says:

if you people will need to get ripped quick without spending a single extra
minute in the gym, then you really want to check out this video tutorial
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Johnson Colfax says:

Wow I can just tell that you are an incredibly stupid meathead. First off
they are training for hockey NOT football…Two completely different
sports. And bench press is only effective for getting bigger which these
guy are already big you don’t want to gigantic or you’ll just get slow and
be burned. These guys are doing strength exercises to improve quickness,
explosiveness and endurance. All the strength coaches for NHL think bench,
dead lifts and squats are overrated exercises.

Johnson Colfax says:

I already know i know much more about weights then you when you come on
the video and call these guys pussies. You couldn’t even make it through a
circuit let alone this workout. And learn to fucking read you schemelt
these overrated exercises for hockey ….forget it im not going to repeat
myself for some complete retard.

tylerw4883 says:

Souray is the man

Nicholas Bidnyj says:

you clearly never played any competitive sport at a high level, especially
not hockey

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