Dryland Off-Ice Hockey Training-LA Kings Dustin Brown Circuit Training

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http://www.hockeyot.com/ Want to train the way the Los Angeles Kings captain Dustin Brown does? Follow Dustin for a 4-exercise circuit consisting of 48-repet…

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jwright13 says:

probably one of the most intense curcuits I’ve seen

Fernando Lopez says:
GetMacbookFree says:

this was a well done video

Hậu Nguyễn Hùng says:

Continuez votre bon travail compagnon!

MrDevil666ify says:

12 – I can watch this all day long :D

Le Huu Thu says:

More pleasae :D DDDD Loves it! <3

Byron Craig says:

i subscribed

Dada Dodo says:

Good opportunity… this sounds very interesting..will defintetly check it

Hyyerr Kid says:

perfect music you choose

AFatMushroom says:

Better than any of my vids! Loved it

Dinko Basic says:

great great vocals love your language

TheBigJ1234567 says:


MLGSnipingxD says:

Everything about this video is perfect, it must have took amazing talent!

LittleBigBrazil says:

this is zesty

HockeyOT says:

You’re right. Creating an imbalance with the dumbbells is a great way to
challenge the body and make the exercise more difficult to master.

LAHockey says:

Is it just me or did someone “buy views” for this video….Do not get me
wrong I love seeing how Dustin Brown trains with you guys, but it seems
like all the comments here are generic and not at all related to this
video. Anyways thanks for the video! Go Kings Go!

Declan Bentley says:

I have DO workouts like that with my hockey team

Derek Flynn says:

I do some of the same stuff! I love it

Kevin Tran says:

Very nice presentation, well done

nelsoncarol123 says:

Keep up the good work I am a fan!

17Kozzy17 says:

so i have a question. i dont know who posted this video but if you are the
trainer, why would you have Dustin work with a 15 lb in one hand and a 30
lb in the other hand? Is this to work with imbalance due to ice hockey? cuz
of checking, tripping, maneuvering etc etc. (Im a hockey player myself)

popoleckerarschfrau says:

Haha,thats insane

erickacassara says:

Ive watched this 3 times and its still awesome.

Brian Woosley says:

This is why I love youtube

The Coolest Stuff says:

I think this should go down in my favorites! Really nice!

1Kiako4 says:

Cool! I like all your vids! :)

squidward tennisballs says:

toe shoes

Jazuuoa5002 says:

-Good job mate, keep the videos coming!

ragutrainer says:



He looks like he hates it

johncena67k1 says:

Ill i can say is good work and i am Subscribing

James Gill says:


shattstar03 says:

pretty bad ass video.. new respect for hockey players.

codykapur54 says:

WOW very good! i would like to see more of that!

Joel B says:

i like the shoes

Janez Colja says:

i wished had been here before

killaonetv says:

hehe its was funny , i like it thanks :) .

theboss718 says:

work ;]]

lanceaxley1 says:

Wish i was that good!

SuperHockeyskills says:

I did this today with your program!

Michael Nusbaum says:

I am definitely checking out your other videos!

binh tang says:

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Wegra says:

I’m sorry but I’m more focused on those goofy ass looking shoes if anything
stands out in this video 

p1ippers says:


ttowindo78 says:

Great video! I am gonna try this tomorrow. Why do you have him use two
different weights though? Dies he have a strength deficiency in one arm? 

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