England Hockey: Passing Tips

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This is an excellent series of coaching videos produced by England Hockey to help players develop their skills. Want to see more? Just subscribe! Enjoy :D

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marky7010 says:

good way to learn

9422adik says:

style ..

vicefrogger says:

I love hockey

i play for england juniors

colonparenthesis117 says:

i wish i played field hockey in europe, the U.S. doesnt really care much about fockey :(

lovehorseslovejonas says:

I wish we had turf. We play on a lumpy grass football field and these passes don’t work the same. ):

Bokyotheturnip says:

Do you guys have ice hockey up there? I think a lot of you would enjoy it a lot if you actually tried playing it :)

sophsatkinson says:

I love hockey so much whoever plays defence, we ROCK

TheHockeyman211 says:

We’ve got an Astro turf at school and these are really good tips!

DesignedTutorials says:

i tried the hit at my school with one of their hockey sticks it hurt my hand and cracked the stick. my school have cheap crap.

MarisaIsTheeBestt says:

Wow they move that ball well at 4:00!!

joshjoshzoe10 says:

I play for a team and i can skate. i dont wanna do both at the same time though! :D

overgrowneden says:

ah I used to train on one of these astros, makes me miss England!

Ggrraaffee says:

i wish i played basket ball in the U.S., europe doesnt really care much about basketball :(

Hash Wije says:

all of you come to aussie, we have billions of clubs of every sport you can think of

michael47820 says:

hey awesome video i just want to know what the website is where all the videos are?

a2zsportsfreak says:

I wish I could play hockey in Europe. Not much stuff for boys in the US.

Misshollybunny says:

I live in Belfast which is in Northern Ireland. It’s annoying because up here the boys don’t play Hockey, Hockey is a Girls only thing. So, I play it very regularly. Saying this we have Belfast Giants which IS an boys Ice Hockey Team, but Hockey is much bigger in Northern Ireland than when it was when I lived in England. I only ever started playing in england when I was about 11, in NI the girls play hockey at a very young age 5-6. Netball is the main girls sport in UK I reckon.

Matt Howarth says:

I was playing a few weeks ago with a school stick, got mad and smashed the stick on the ground, it broke in two, they’re really cheap huh

MichaelJacksonluvU25 says:

Neither does Canada:(

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