Fly Puck Review off ice training hockey puck

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8oz Fly Puck Dry Land Tiles Tarp visit Check out my website …

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Uppercornerhockey says:

I looked it up and it actually weighs 4.4 oz but after using an 8oz fly
puck the green biscuit feels like a feather…

Hockey Reviews98 says:

nice video. would you recomend the flypucks package from hockey

Uppercornerhockey says:

Thanks for the kind words! It was all unscripted and off the cuff with only
one take… i’ll get better the more i do… Thanks again

Hockey Reviews98 says:

thank you

Uppercornerhockey says:

you are very welcome… ask any questions anytime!

extendedplayarcade says:

puck-n awesome!

chillifm says:

The green biscuit is actually 5 ounces.

Uppercornerhockey says:

nope… i paid for it myself… maybe one of these days if my reviews are
good enough product will be sent to me to test… at least that is my goal
(no pun intended)

CalderCup88 says:

Great review!

BruinsCupChampions says:

Nice review, did they send you this stuff for review?

Uppercornerhockey says:


Uppercornerhockey says:

Yes I do recommend the flypucks from hockey shot… There is a link in the
description if you want to help support my cause… Thanks

Uppercornerhockey says:

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Graham Lorsung says:

i have trainer pucks same idea they are orange and exactly like a hockey
puck tecture size everything you can get them at scheels also when you use
heavier pucks use a practice stick not ur regular game stick the sticks
arent made for that and will break a lot easier also dont use these on real
ice also with the orange pucks they are the same price as a hockey puck
hope this was helpful

Nicholas Capizzi says:

I’m not here to correct I like your videos but I noticed at the beginning
when you were just showing how they slide and going over the tiles, that
you were standing and stick handling I saw you were turned to the side I
use to do that too but try to stand more square like you’re about to take a
shot you’ll get a lot more control but I don’t know if you really weren’t
paying attention! Great vids though

Brendon Osadac says:

Part of why the reg puck goes on edge is your blade face just sayin

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