Free Hockey Shooting Training Video – Improve your Snapshot and Wristshot

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Here is a 12 minute training video that will help you improve your snapshot and wristshot. These are some tips that helped me improve my shooting speed quite…

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darkbrew8 says:

lol 60…9!

Stephen Brockie says:

go leafs!

pucsavor21 says:

weard you get your radar gun

WhatTheFlyinFudge says:

Nice striped wife beater, Jeremy. It really brings out your beautiful blue

darkbrew8 says:

r u canadian?

How To Hockey says:

Yeah, she’s a bit beat up, but still standing

bobm1221 says:

lol leafs hat

Harry Burke says:

When he is talking put the captions on its the funniest thing ever!!!

How To Hockey says:

Check my channel, I have a video and article for that. I also just made a
playlist of hockey drills and there are a few really good quick tips /
drills there for improving speed.

markywarky says:

i find all these people trying to give u tips and shit funny. wheres there
website and videos?? ur a mad hockey player. thanks for all the teachings
and advice!

Mayner250 says:

If you want to see a good snapshot technique look at slow motion footage of
Kessle! And follow @_TML4life_ on twitter

kumi8811 says:

Why is everything soo expensiv ??!?!?!??! like wtf

BobaFett7789 says:

Thanks for all your help Jeremy, I really apreciate it!

Mc Lovin says:

leafs hat gayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

bubbsy7 says:

Ye I know man, I’m just saying that’s what our coach would tell us if we’d
miss the net haha

Bryan Kimball says:

that last series of snapshots you did where you can see the chrono, i
watched it over again to see but if you look where you put your hands, it’s
on the reebok logo, well the further down your hand got on that logo the
slower your shot was…. i’m no pro here to help you but if you watch it
over again on your snap shot section i’m positive you’ll see what i’m
talking about… experiment with that lower hand placement and keep those
snappers 64+ consistently!

TheHolmstrom98 says:

where can i get a radar gun

OhGrenade says:

Pretty Dusty

RyanP says:

get a leaf blower or a broom man. Those pine needles are pissing me off lol.

How To Hockey says:

Nope, maybe one day I can be a pro coach though :D

Roman Herbig says:

Wow that what you told at 3:00 was what i was rejusting just some days ago
when i saw one of your first videos haha! Nice work, thanks for every video
it really helps a lot! (playing for almost a year now)

How To Hockey says:

Working on another one right now with a former NHL hockey player :D

Mike Oliver says:

I’m a kid and my shot is 54km. Thanks for your vids

Mike Oliver says:


Mike Oliver says:


Popelbremse Saft says:


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