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The best online hockey training centre for everyday athletes. Learn to train like a pro at home, at the gym or on the go. Develop Speed, Power, Agility, Balance, Core Strength, Flexibility and Motivational Skills. Log on for your Free Hockey Workouts Now.

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hockeykid1918 says:

best video

BradyMVP66 says:

these a perfect for everyday athetes, now get out there and pull your hummer

Joe LoMonaco says:

Their website is trying to get me to pay $100 (plus tax) to use their site… isn’t that an oxymoron?


Isit me or does he look like a skinny rock.

LosEagle says:

how much costs membership

DylanTownesDrake says:

Epic grammar fail

LosEagle says:

I’m sorry I know my eng is bad. But I’m not from England or USA.

DylanTownesDrake says:

We speak English here in Canada too you know. No offense intended on my part, just kidding around. :)

mmartin08 says:

What is the proper name/brand of those resistance bands that they had around their wrists at the beginning of the video?

TheNerdPickle says:

These guys doing the drills are hot as hell :D

SuperHockeyskills says:

I thought it was “”"”free”"”" hockey workouts.

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