Hockey Dryland Flooring Tiles – by

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Hockey Dryland Flooring Tiles – New HockeyShot Dryland Hockey Flooring Tiles – the slipperiest and smoothest tiles for off-ice shooting & stickhandling. Cust…

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upsstore says:

can u skate on that?

scorebro9 says:

how much would 35 tiles fill up says:

35 Tiles provides 80 suqare feet (each tile is 2.25 square feet).

MaskedHockey says:

I’m saving up for these!

Will Adler says:

can you skate on it?

crazy4hockey98 says:

How much sq. Ft. Would 20 tiles be?

Brad Wilbur says:

What kind of shot is at 1:38?

American Airlines B777-300ER says:

One question before I buy this. Do real nhl pucks slide just like on real
ice on this mat?

RussianGangster8 says:

Im pretty sure you cant skate on these, but are they made out of the same
material as shooting pads?

FlaHockeyPlayer says:

These are very expensive but if i had the money i would totally invest it
great product

jimmydunn12 says:

can you skate on it says:

There are 170 tiles – 382 sq. ft.

NiitroChiZz says:

The puck doesn’t even slide on those tape 2 tape is better! says:

This would be 170 tiles. says:

Real pucks slide well, not like ice however much better than concrete or
pave. Using a stickhandling puck like FlyPuck or Green Biscuit also helps a
lot, these slide amazing.

nick kiwanis says:

Are they weather resistant?

maximemf says:

where did you got these tiles ?

raymistero619 says:

can u skate on it

bruinsrule4321 says:

@jimmydunn12 no

KWTproductions says:

how many tiles is that?

Katelyn Zurbrigg says:


northhockey333 says:

i want a room in my house like that

MyHockeyIsMyLife says:

No, not as well, but pretty good.

imawesome9100 says:

can u roller blade on this

nick kiwanis says:

Which is better? Tiles or mats

Maxim Citro says:

They are too fucking expensive 

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