Hockey Dryland Training Tile Review

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How To Hockey says:

Yup, but it would be expensive

nick kiwanis says:

Are they weather resistant

wee weesniper says:

hahaha the defensive huy looks like his penis is a hockey stick….but
great vid tho

maceo monroe says:


Z.Productions says:

can you practice with balls on it instead of pucks?

Shaun Savvas says:

how much does the defense tingy cost?

iShot A Puck says:

can you rollerskate on them?

BillyTheKid380 says:

damn i bought 6 of the tiles and now i saw that you can buy a shooting pad
which i think might have been better, jeremy what do you feel is better for
a pavement driveway, the tiles or the pad, i tried using your coupon but
the order exluding shipping was just under 100

Ypsi4you says:

What is the name of that red puck ??? Thanks ….

101sportsguys says:

do u get all of the stuff for free

MormonNipple says:

Should I just buy a bunch of these tiles or 1 shooting pad?

94Dimeh says:

Hey when it will ok for france ? thx !

How To Hockey says:

That’s the price per tile, so QTY is per tile

How To Hockey says:

For sure!

imawesome9100 says:

two wuestions 1 can u park a car on it ovr night and two can you roller
blade on it plz reply thxs cant wait for birthday so buyin this.

dbourlako says:

people say it is best for stick handling, but if i wanted to shoot it would

Legohenfish says:

Not as realistic cause the real D-Man moves!

Machonch13 says:

Hey i was just wondering what would you suggest the tiles or the roll out
shooting pad for indoor and outdoor use? Btw, great videos!

ABFone2 says:

Great videos, very helpful! Just wondering – how do the different pucks
compare on this surface? Specifically, I’m wondering about regular pucks vs
Green Biscuit…also passmasters – worth the price? Thanks.

ThunderWaffeMC says:

I think it would be a fly puck. They are really good for shooting pads.

Sweat Blood and Hockey says:

nice video and a coupon amazing


dear god that kid who wrote that thing about reposing if u believe… well
i cant copy and paste it…. but i do believe in you

How To Hockey says:

It’s perfect for a garage

ryan andrews says:

also r they 1 sq foot each or 2.25?

Gaskings Xbone&PC says:

how the hell do you remove the tiles from each other ? -_- I dont have my
net with me so I set it up in my house to try it and do some stick handling
but I cant remove them now they stuck together :(

SportsAreGreat11 says:

can you set up a makeshift rollerhockey rink with this

Rather B Play'n Hockey says:

This vs synthetic ice? Price, like ice, practice 

Charles Angell says:

I imagine if you can drive a car on them, you can probably skate on them.

Pro Monstar Hockey Power Shot says:

By the time you set this all up the day is spent…how many people do you
need to carry this all from your house. How do we send you our patented Pro
off ice training product used by the pro’s for you to review… Really like
all your videos… keep doing what your doing.. you are very passionate

lateeno5000 says:

hockeysniper29 says:

are they waterproof

Chase Mcvey says:

What’s better sweet hockey 12 in by 12in for 100$ or hockey shots 18in by
18in for 100$

Tyler Brown says:

Let’s see if there so strong when it’s snowing 

ian jefferson says:

can you use these for roller hockey?

2Redoctober says:

These are way to expensive

Tom Curley says:

I like the hockey trail

Ben Varley says:

Can u rollerblade on them

KHL guy says:

what has better slide -ability, roll up or tiles?

Cgeisstrings says:

Can u rollerblade on these

HockeyFan Tavares says:

Do you take them apart the opposite of the way you put them in? I can’t see
to figure it out and I don’t want to break them.

Justin Purcell says:

10$ a sq/ft? Thats more expensive than marble tiles haha you guys are all
nuts … please kids don’t go spend your money on these bullshit products
because some guy that cant play hockey told you too lol 

Laura Brodeur says:

Make one for goalies

lateeno5000 says:

Can u use it on grass

hockey king says:

I wish i could buy em

luke cameron says:

rollelr skates can you do that

lateeno5000 says:

The pass master looks like it sucks

Hawk Gaming HD says:

does it ware down your sticks at all

Regan O'Brian says:

+Hawk Gaming HD yes it does but both roll up pad and tile ware down,i put a
piece of tape all the way across my blade so it doesn’t ware so much.if i
were u i would go for the shooting tiles they VERY durable and they don’t
ware at all and like he said u can connect them together and make a giant
shooting place(i have these and i love them)

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