Hockey Exercises

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3 Exercises for a Hockey Forward

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RevolutionAthlete says:

Good luck, your welcome

harris3510 says:

hey, i play hockey in illinois, are you wearing a team illinois shirt?? just wondering

RevolutionAthlete says:

No its a our company’s tee, if you’d like one in black or grey send me an email from our website and ill send you one free. We have grey and black T’s Large and XL just specify.

jagrisahomo says:

iv been doing this for awhile and i really do see a difference in my explosiveness and overall strength on the ice. thanks bro

RevolutionAthlete says:

welcome, good luck to you.

dust107 says:

you improved my season thanks alot! u hearr me thank u so chuckin much dawg peace

domination45 says:

thats awsome man. I play hockey and im center and this really helps thanks so much.

Tibor Sátek says:

I’m going to try..


RevolutionAthlete says:

Nate,i played through college and still play today. I do jujitsu and muay thai also.

surfertann says:

hey man looks good, thanks. what college did you play for

toofast4me says:

ill take one and wear it to practice if u send it

RevolutionAthlete says:

Good question. There are some exercises that you can do that produce immediate results. Also, it depends on how your training has been thus far. For example if your new to training and these exercises you’ll notice very fast results because your body isnt use to this, so, your body has no choice but to adapt to the new stress on the body. Again everyone iprogresses in a different way, but these exercises along with hard work will make you a stronger player. good luck!

Bruinsdude4 says:

thanks. wht adominal muscle training do you recomend for a hockey defenceman??

guitarvillain2 says:

these are great exercises but for the first one i would recommend staying on the balls of your feet just for muscle memory because all of skating is through your toes

ikmachov says:

yea but if u squat a lot of weight u’ll fuck up ur knees so in this case that’s fine but otherwise don’t do that.. also ur back will get messed up

RevolutionAthlete says:

Staying on the balls of your feet is very dangerous for your knees and should be avoided. Forwards do stay more on the balls of the feet but training that way wont help like you might think

haldur86 says:


vlad110492 says:


Carpman97 says:

does hockey take alot of your time ?

Santa Clues says:

;( i cant to the position on 1:38, any tips?

Mcfrostey1 says:

nice shoes

Coxy1497 says:

Do you have any good conditioning drills?

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