Hockey Goalie Training Drills: Post to Post Speed

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Close Maria Mountain, MSc gives you four off-ice hockey goalie training drills to help you develop lightning fast post-to-post spe…

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Maria Mountain says:

Start easy though – make sure you are pain free going through just the
movements at a very slow pace – the last thing you want is to tweak that
MCL – search my channel because I have a video for exercises to try before
getting back on the ice after MCL injury – I would just search “MCL” on my
channel ‘RevolutionCondition’ Cheers, Maria

18wheeler76 says:

This is amazing,I’m gonna show my 12yr old son tomorrow.thank you.

Clint Hamilton says:

Great stuff. Thanks Maria.

David de Mendonca says:

I am currently rehabbing from an MCL injury and I am almost ready to take
the next step into lateral exercises. These are PERFECT. I will be back in
that crease in no time. Thank you, I am going to check out all of your

Grace Lunder says:

R u even a hockey goalie

Maria Mountain says:

There are tons of free workouts over at hockey training pro (dot) com, you
will just have to do a bit of looking. If you want a step-by-step plan that
is really affordable then you want to check out goalieworkoutclub (dot) com
and click the tab that says something like Goalie Workout Club Access – one
of those options will get you moving in the right direction :)

bigfootassasin says:

Thank you so much for the help. Now that I have a direction to move in this
just might workout. Again thank you.

Maria Mountain says:

Glad you like it Clint, thanks so much for taking the time to let me know :) Cheers, Maria

Maria Mountain says:

Happy Canada Day to you :) Cheers, Maria

bigfootassasin says:

Ok, so I’m a bit of an oddity, I’ve decided to have a whack at me dream of
being a goalie. Problem is (and this is where the oddity comes in) I’m
already 18, and I will be honest not in very good shape, but also not in
horrible shape just a bit chubby. I need a workout that can help me get
into shape and improve my goalie skills. I’ve been watching several of
you’re videos and think these will help tremendously. But I’m not exactly
sure what I should be doing specifically. Could you help?

Maria Mountain says:

Glad you like it – just make your son goes easy – these are really
explosive exercises, so make sure he is using great mechanics and just
going through the movement patterns. No more than 3-5 reps each. Cheers,

Maria Mountain says:

Always happy to help :) Cheers, Maria

Maria Mountain says:

Nope, I play D when I play hockey – this is why you never see me giving
technique advice. I am a full time strength and conditioning coach who
specializes in training hockey players, specifically goalies. How did you
do when you tried the drills? Cheers, Maria

rietiger1 says:

Thanks for posting all your research-based vids, Maria. Happy Canada Day!

Don McClelland says:

These look awesome! I can’t wait to try them out at the gym.

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