Hockey Goalie Training Video: Off-Ice Foundation Workout

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Close hockey strength and conditioning coach Maria L. Mountain MSc shares a sample foundation workout for your off-season hockey g…

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Maria Mountain says:

That is awesome good for you! You hit on the key – months of effort on your
part + getting guidance to work on the right things = one day better! Happy
to be a part of your journey! Cheers, Maria

AjaxKnights29 says:

Mari could you do a hockey goalie tryout tips video please it tryout time
and that would help a lot

Maria Mountain says:

You are very welcome! Cheers, Maria

wikidevil says:

Awesome video Maria! I started playing amateur (beer league) hockey a
couple of years ago, and with no basics for my movements. It was hopeless.
But after months of effort and help from your videos, my stability and my
hip flexibility has gone up as well as my save percentage! I have been
doing a lot of the myofascial release exercises to great effect, its weird
going from being able to just touch my toes, to being able to reach 5
inches past! Thanks again!

joey g says:

i was born with a hip displacement and these help a lot thank you!!!

AjaxKnights29 says:

Thanks Maria I’m off to AA try outs tomorrow I will use all the tips

Maria Mountain says:

Play your heart out – listen to the coaches. Good luck. Cheers, Maria

Maria Mountain says:

Cool – glad to help! Cheers, Maria

360burtonboy says:

You are the best thanks for this!

Maria Mountain says:

I wrote a blog post on this very topic – I cannot post links in the reply
to comments on YouTube, but Google ‘hockeytrainingpro try outs’ and I think
you will see it in the results – hope that helps. Cheers, Maria

Maria Mountain says:

Atleast this dike can say she has one ball´╗┐

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