Hockey Off Ice Shooting Pads vs Dryland Tiles Which Is Best & Difference Between Them

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BehindTheTutorials says:

It’s about as popular as cricket is in the USA… Hopefully it will grow

Satchin Joseph says:

Is the roll up durable?

Hockey Tutorial says:

Yes I actually do, a city called Cambridge UK.

Minnisticks909 says:

How much is the pro size shooting pad

Swizzy says:

Do you actually live in the UK?

TheConsoleCommander says:

Do you support any of the big English teams? Sheffield – Nottingham –

Hockey Tutorial says:

The surface doesn’t need to be perfectly smooth but something fairly flat
will be fine. I wouldnt recommend using it on stones though.

Joe Anson says:

@TheMrbumpersticker 1 dollar is 60p so a sixth of a pound

BehindTheTutorials says:

Yes I try and support them and hope UK hockey grows. What about you ?

MNHockeyBoys30 says:

thanks i might get some for my garage

Hockey Tutorial says:

You sure can, check out my channel for the video review of them.

BehindTheTutorials says:

Yes thats right

semaj says:

Does the roll up pad warp or bend if being used on a bumpy surface and does
it warp if you keep it rolled away for a long time

Hockey Tutorial says:

Use the link in the video description, all of the prices are there.

Satchin Joseph says:

you made a blooper in this vid right

MNHockeyBoys30 says:

can u drive over the slick tile

Andrew Patterson says:

How popular is Hockey there?

TheMrbumpersticker says:

How much is a pound in the u.s.

TheConsoleCommander says:

so i can shoot and practice my stick handling on the roll up pad

isaiahopper23 says:

Do you know if the Mylec tiles are any good?

Wils says:

How would hardboard compare for a cheaper option? I only play rec hockey in
MK, nothing to serious, so don’t want to spend too much. Thanks 

xXmrhockey10Xx says:

am i crazy or is the steering wheel on the right side?

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