Hockey Shooting Ep. 1: Birthday Shooting

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Hey guys it was my birthday a few weeks ago so i decided to do a special Shooting video i hope you guys enjoy it please Subscribe! Like! and Share If you guys want me to show you videos of my home-custom Apx tell me in the comments. NO AUDIO IS OWNED BY ME ALL RIGHTS GO TO AVICII “Levels” amazing group!!!!!!

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TheNasher61 says:

The guy on the left seriously has a sick wrister! Nice power and it’s dead accurate!

UnrealSauce101 says:

Thanks for the compliment nasher means a lot coming from you!!!:D

hocky fan says:


SchmeagTV says:

ssuper sweet. what area do u live in that its cold enough to where sweatshirts? its 90 in the tri-state! i like how u show that u miss some shots, unlike other people who edit it all out. to me, it makes it better cuz it proves that ur actually good and u didnt have to try the shot 50 times before u hit it. ill tell my friends about ur channel.

AperfectMedia says:

both did awesome great work

Bryer Smith says:

the balloons that blew away were like fuck this shit

jboidaman99 says:


Gongshow95 says:

The guy on the left is 10 times better than the guy on the right………

LineRiderPro333 says:

ya alright ill sub, what do you guys play?

Jake NHLFan says:

Love the shots I have been training for hockey these past three weeks you can help me shoot a wrist shot.

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