Hockey Shooting Passing Stickhandling Combo with Skill Pad

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Hockey Onetimer slapshot passer dryland practice stickhandling.

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zackson77 says:

howmuch is it just for the bigger board and for the 1timer thing?

AAAWarriors8 says:

Gotta admit he’s pretty good for his age

ZekeMoffat1 says:

This kids going to play in the NHL !!

XBucky says:

Are you using regular hockey pucks in the video?

EZPUCK says:

This is a roll up Pad!

xZingaaa says:

nice hands:)

EZPUCK says:

You can purchase the combo from dirrect or Hockey Giant.

Acesupmagic says:

were can I buy a skill pad?

EZPUCK says:

@XBucky Yes we are using regulation size and weight black pucks.


can i leave it outside

peanut4745 says:

I just got mine around Christmas time and have used it just to stickhandle
on my basement rug. I haven’t used it on hard outside floor because of the
cold conditions and snow but, I find using a traditional hockey puck is
very hard to use. Do u think it is because I need to use it on a hard
surface? ( the green biscuit does work fine on it though)

Isaac Kim says:

Why would my puck always flip over

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