Hockey Shooting Targets: Sniper’s Edge

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Close – The Sniper’s Edge is a great solution if you’re looking to keep your house from getting damaged during “shooting practice.” This hockey targeting system installs in about 20 minutes, and fits any standard 2 car garage opening. You can pick up your Sniper’s Edge here: Other products used in this video: Professional Shooting Pad: Black Standard 6 oz Pucks: Also check out the SportScreen:

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Santturi1 says:

6:25 –> next Ovetchkin :)

sbsilvers1 says:

haha ur son is the best …dads little helper

fromskillet180 says:

im 11 and my shots are better than urs old man. little kid is even better than u but nice vid!!

BruinsCupChampions says:

no way kid ur shots are from 2 feet away and no top shelfs

FinalEx3cution says:

From Toronto but live in the US?

Daniel48Briere says:

i watched your shooting videos and i have to say that you suck :D

18wheeler76 says:

@fromskillet180 im glad your not my punk a#@ better than you im better than where is your vid proving this,i bet you wont make 1.

sbsilvers1 says:


MrHockeynut5 says:

Nice!!!! Cute kid

rangersfan203 says:

Great video, but how much is it?

19saxman91 says:

Sigh… Your son has a better shot than me.

SilverSon87 says:

thanks for adding me

JBatts41 says:

Did you go to Lowe’s or the Home Depot lol

rickcheyne says:

23 minutes to put it up. How long to take it down? ;-)

If you use hooks instead of screws it might be easier to put up and take down again.

shopatstemmlers says:

Yup that’s a cool product ..BUT check this out…. .the
I set mine up in my basement so that my little guy can shoot all rear round.

Keeo up the GREAT work J.
Cheers from Canada.

phillytheflyerable says:

wow nice shot

FatFatBob14 says:

I like this product, actually my friends dad came up with this, their last name is shoults if u don’t believe me, anyway I’ve been looking for a cheap net too, any ideas??

macmulera24 says:

The snipers edge is sick watch my videos with it

school202 says:

Dose it leav puck marks

theBakugan304 says:

Funny at the end :) this 1!!

noahvideo11 says:

i agree and im 12 btw

fromskillet180 says:

i am 12 now too

xhockeysnipes7x says:

if u put it agaist dry wall will it hurt the dry wall behind it??

LLhockeyplayer says:

your definetly not better than him he could destroy you in a shooting competition

MrHockeymaster98 says:

I have a question, My dad has been getting mad at me for leaving marks and dents on the garage. He is now telling me that instead of going for corners, he told me to hit the middle post. He says if I am able to hit the middle post every time, I will be able to pick corners when I want. Is he correct?

MrHockeymaster98 says:

But that is to expensive. Any other suggestions?

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