Hockey Shooting Technique Tips from – Slap, snap & wrist shots

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Hockey Shooting Technique Tips from Jeremy Weiss brings you a basic overview of how to perform the 3 main shot types: slap shots, snap shots & wrist shots. For more great hockey shooting tips, visit:

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PickPocketSnipes says:

Yet another great video ! 

canadianlaura says:

Nice vid! Little comment on the Snap in Motion: a lot of kids tend to lean laterally, so that their back leg ends up sticking out beside them. You actually do the same in the video. This detracts power from the shot. You want to bend your front knee WAY deeper, end up with all of your weight over your front foot and knee, and your back leg kicking behind you. This will generate more forward velocity on the shot and allow you to maintain speed, and follow through for better accuracy, I think.

DoubleDare96 says:

just wondering are you in any way related to Stephen Weiss, Jeremy?

xhockeysnipes7x says:

sorry this question isnt about the video but im thinking of getting those dryland flooring tiles how many are you using in the video

DoubleDare96 says:

@weissie20 Well hate to be a broken record but I liked your video :)

alternativehockey says:

One question, in the snap shot in motion, should you snap you wrist just a little?

Adam Williams says:

One stick

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