Hockey Shooting Tips – Going Bar Down

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In this video, learn how to improve your shooting skills and score more goals by going bar down. Many goaltenders today go down with the butterfly style, leaving room up stairs just bellow the top post. Apply this great hockey tip and take your shooting skills to the next level! For more great tips and drills, visit:

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AZwildcatVwV says:

thats why the logos are there “e z goal” :)

MrCanuck55 says:

no i think it means it is easy to put together

HockeySnipes92 says:

How hard is your shot?

HockeySnipes92 says:

Oh, mines armound 38 – 42

yourtinyc0ck54321123 says:

does the shooting pad ruin your stick? please reply

woundingtrainhockey says:

no it does not

Tommo735 says:

pause vid a 0:16:) lol nice job. helped a lot thanks!

TheTommybird says:

This really works thanks man

PatrickKaneAllTheWay says:

He should work on his shot

88cokezero says:

Great tips Thanks! and isnt it better to go just inside the post so it doesnt have a chance to bounce out?

PatrickKaneAllTheWay says:

I was kidding

idogs5 says:

No sauceeeeee

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