Hockey Training Back Squat (315) with CAM Impingement

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An illustration of what a squat pattern may look like in someone with CAM impingement. Note the hip tucking and assymetry between the left and right sides. For more hockey training information, visit

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gorgasm69696969 says:

you can get surgery on it. i will be going to get mine next month

Utgorn says:

I just got back from the doctor and I have a cam hip impingment. My squats also tend to look like this -_-. What is your suggestion for working through it. No squatting until after recovery from surgery?

HockeyTrainingCoach says:

Utgorn-I don’t recommend individuals with this structure squat at all. Theoretically, squatting to just above your own individual end-range could be safe, but odds are once you start pushing the weight you’re going to be tempted to push through it and that’s when problems get worse. Also, in most cases there are other underlying issues with regards to hip position and structural stiffness that make squatting properly extremely tough. Stick with single-leg stuff!

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