Hockey Training – High Intensity Interval Combos

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Close Maria Mountain shows you three new high intensity interval combos that you should include in your off ice hockey training if…

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Chad Z says:

Thank you for this! Goalies do require a different type of workout than
players. I have a college hockey goalie and a HS lacrosse goalie and I’m
always looking for things to keep them interested and motivated in their

Don McClelland says:

Thanks so much for your videos. It’s so great to see new ideas for workouts
geared directly towards improving my performance between the pipes. It may
just be men’s league but I’m getting older and playing kids not long out of
college and I need every advantage I can get. You rock.

Maria Mountain says:

I would go 12-16lbs to start, then you can go quite heavy as long as you
are keeping good form and really using your hips and legs to drive the ball
up. Thanks for the question – have a great day :) Cheers, Maria

Maria Mountain says:

You are welcome Mark! Cheers, Maria

joeroncettimusic says:

I’m 5’9 168 lbs

Maria Mountain says:

Always glad to help goalies who are committed to doing what needs to be
done to improve their play – regardless of their level. Thanks for your
kind words. Cheers, Maria

Maria Mountain says:

You are welcome – enjoy! Cheers, Maria

Mark Perry says:

Thank you very much Maria

joeroncettimusic says:

You rock Maria!! Question, what size medicine ball should I use?

Alexandre Lamarre says:

For how long should I do this? 10 minutes? 20? Thank you.

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