Hockey Training : Hockey Weight Training Exercises

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Hockey weight training exercises include the bench press, shoulder press, barbell curl, skull crushers and rows. Vary the number of reps for each set for muscle confusion with advice from a professional hockey player in this free video on ice hockey. Expert: Stephen Eith Contact: Bio: Stephen Eith started his hockey career in high school at Centereach/Selden High School. Filmmaker: Joshua Davis Series Description: When training for hockey, it is important to learn how to shoot a puck into a goal and to weight train properly. Shoot a winning goal with advice from a professional hockey player in this free video on hockey training.

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Nik2555 says:

why does it show arnold presses when you say skullcrushers :S

lastdeadmouse7 says:

Hockey lifting without squats? This is bullshit. Barbell only, squats, deadlift, barbell rows, bench, shoulder press. Get strong people.

CaptainUndersteer says:

Looks more like bodybuilding than hockey training. You have nothing for lower body strength and speed. What is a barbell curl going to do for you on the ice?


This is NOT hockey training. Instead of building a hockey body, you’re building a BEACH body, not a hockey body.

tyounger02 says:

front squats, power cleans, trap bar deadlift, rows, barbell shoulder press, bench. there ya go

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