Hockey Training – How to Gain Muscle and Strength

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Close // Free Hockey Workouts This video will walk you step by step through 5 different off-ice hockey training drills and to exp…

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247 Hockey Life says:

When you lift weights and train, you gain strength.

247 Hockey Life says:

If you would like. We have a lot more training programs on our website that
you can use to add to it.

247 Hockey Life says:

Hey Martin, why don’t you take a long walk off a short bridge.

Anuj Gupta says:

When i skate i get tired quick so should i do strength or one leg exercises

247 Hockey Life says:


awimbaweb says:

You have no idea how people like you really helps the Indonesian hockey
community. Thank you bro, really.

247 Hockey Life says:

There is a ton of people in your position that have gained muscle, so it
can be done. Head on over to our website and get in touch with me, I will
help you out and put together a nutrition plan that will help you pack on

247 Hockey Life says:

Ya, definitely, google that and you will find the biggest scam on the
internet. Beat it buddy.

247 Hockey Life says:

Have you signed up on our website yet? We have one coming out soon, so make
sure you’ve signed up for our free workouts so you will get it.

247 Hockey Life says:

It gains you all kindz of strength!

247 Hockey Life says:

2-3 times based on your training schedule. Incorporate other hockey
specific exercises for speed, quickness, balance, agility, mobility, and

Flowcember says:

As a player that’s naturally lean and tall, I have a tough time really
gaining mass unless I plow a ton of junk food. I know there’s not much I
can do, but do you have any tips on how I can get bigger? 180 6’1 right
now, trying to hit 200-210 by November

Gary Cirillo says:

how many times a week should you do this?

MNGoalie33 says:

Lifting at the state of the art burnsville training center haha :)

Flowcember says:

Tried getting in touch with you on your site but the email service was
down. Dropped you a PM instead

Loyzasaur says:

Does this gain you strength?

247 Hockey Life says:

Strength with high reps and lots of short burst speed and conditioning
drills. 30 seconds full speed and 30 seconds rest.

sauceboss10 says:

I heard that that the shoulder press will stunt my growth. I am 16, 5’8 so
I still need to grow

Brandon says:

Should we add this to workout program you already showed us

247 Hockey Life says:

Not if you use proper form.

DawsonCNelson says:

Great vid

247 Hockey Life says:

There is one on my channel, head over and search speed and agility

DawsonCNelson says:

Can you make an agility vid?

MisterCodPlayer11 says:


247 Hockey Life says:


247 Hockey Life says:

AWESOME. Keep hustling!

John Skeavington says:

With the push press you want to drive your head through as the bar passes
over your head

Mike Flori says:

Could I do this with the Program 3 times a week. 

Mike Failla says:

Your videos are awesome! Thank you very much for taking the time to make

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