Hockey Training: Lower Body Strength

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Lower Body Strength Training and Workout Program For Hockey. Get Our Full Hockey Workout Program for Free at: Like Us on Fa…

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azianknight says:

Is it good to do cardio (eliptical/running/bike) before or after this

247 Hockey Life says:

No, that is the worst thing you can do for hockey conditioning. Focus on
sprints with short rest periods. Change your rest/work ratios around as
well as your exercise.

247 Hockey Life says:

Injuries are tricky, better to talk to a Physical Therapist about that.
Don’t want to make you injury worse or cause long term damage.

247 Hockey Life says:

Leave any questions in the comments and I will do my best to come in here
and answer them when I can. -Zac

J R says:

Any alternative for the squat jumps, lunge jumps ad lateral bounds for a
person recovering from a lower body injury?

Miky Statnigrosh says:

Is there any way to make lateral bounds more difficult? I’ve been doing
them since the spring and I’ve seen a big improvement in my stride power
but now, I feel I’m staying at the same level. 

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