Hockey Training Partner Eccentric Hamstring Curl

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A really tough posterior chain exercise emphasizing hamstring work with co-contraction of the glutes. For more hockey training information, visit

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giorgiojoe123 says:

Hey, check out usahockeytube. It’s a site strictly for hockey players to Showcase Their Skills. Also, upload anything hockey related (roller, ice, NHL highlights & analysis).

disser01 says:

Omg His calfs, beast man, beast

endurance4ever1 says:

Im looking for solid new ham exercises I can use to train people with. That is solid! I love it!

hauusddfd says:

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EchoXxMcLovin says:

Never would have thought of it. :)

HockeyTrainingCoach says:

Thanks for the feedback. This is definitely not a “beginner” exercise. The goal is to maintain hip extension (hips pulled all the way “through” or forward) throughout the entire range of motion.

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