Hockey Training Program: Speed and Agility Workout

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Close // Free Hockey Workouts These are some off-ice hockey speed training drills. You can improve your on-ice hockey speed with …

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247 Hockey Life says:

Block shots, attack the net, do all the little things it takes to win a
playoff game. Don’t have any regrets. I think it was early in Gretzky’s
career in the Oilers where they got knocked out of the playoffs and he
walked by the other teams locker room expecting to see them celebrating,
instead he saw a team with ice packs on their shoulders, cut, and bruised.
He knew right there what took to win in the playoffs.

EspenNumber6 says:

Inspiring story! Thanks for the tips

bmxhockey46 says:

I’m gonna start trying to use what I learn from your videos and improve my
game, great job thanks a lot

247 Hockey Life says:

Keep working hard!

SwedeRapido says:

These videos are really helping me now that the offseason is about to
begin. Many thanks!

247 Hockey Life says:

Glad I could help!

EspenNumber6 says:

Do you got tips for the play-offs??

iMaissii says:

how far away from the other blocks must be?

247 Hockey Life says:

Awesome, let me know if you have any questions and check out our website.

247 Hockey Life says:

Let me know how it goes!

Михаил Боярский says:

Thanks Zac, very helpefull drills to improve my speed

Gary Lok says:

Nice drills, will use for our team!

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