Hockey Training: Snap Shot Drill for Quick Release, Power, and Accuracy

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Close // Goal Scoring Training // Free Hockey Workouts This is an advanced snap shot tutorial for hockey. It includes specific…

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247 Hockey Life says:


Benny The Bulldog says:

Great video, never knew about putting the heel of the stick up to generate
more flex, going to definitely try that. Keep up the great videos!

ifreshpizaaa says:

just found your channel – sooooo happy i did. so helpful and easy to relate
to. definitely earned a sub

Tim Miller says:

Awesome tutorials, glad I found them. I play in a foot hockey league with a
gravity ball and I’ve been struggling to generate power and quickness in my
shot. These videos will definitely help. Thanks for posting them!

247 Hockey Life says:

Appreciate that.

CormegaPB says:

Great Snap Shot tutorial, finally somebody nailed it – not always the same
old stuff but actually the modern style that is used in the NHL greatly
explained – thx !

Noah199995 says:

thx for the tips

247 Hockey Life says:

Thanks my man!

MNLaxers says:

Burnsville training center! Nice

247 Hockey Life says:

Awesome, you are right about that. This is how NHL players shoot. The old
school way of shooting and teaching shooting is dead. Keep training hard!

247 Hockey Life says:

good, keep working on it.

Gary Luciani says:

Great stuff! What do you recommend for roller hockey with the lighter puck
(other than going with a lighter stick flex)?

Chase Mcvey says:

How did you make that tarp could you make a video or tell me

Chase Mcvey says:

What materials do you need 

Zachary Milos says:

Great vid, I learned a lot from this. What type of tarp is that and how
much did it cost?

Macina Maci says:


Chase Mcvey says:

But it’s like 200 bucks

Pinnacle HD says:

Hey, I’m 16 and I’ve never played hockey on an actual team but I’ve trained
and and have become a better skater. by watching your videos I feel like I
have a better chance of making my high school team next year!

Ben P says:

I am not allowed to make a video. Can you make another video soon. 

Jonathan Cortizo says:

Awesome video. I was never taught to use the upper hand. I’m really excited
to try this at open ice.

skew06 says:

I was just messing around on youtube watching hockey videos. I’ve played my
whole life and for anyone who is wanting to get some legitimate
information, this is a great video to go off of. He’s spot on when he says
quickness scores goals. Its better to surprise the goalie than to give him
time to set up and get in position, even if your shot isnt as hard. I also
liked the no stickhandling before you shoot idea. Its a bad habit for a lot
of players to stickhandle before they shoot, even when they are wide open
and dont need to do it. Great video

tylerTaaca1 says:

When your taking that snap shot you hear that snap sound but when I try to
do it my shot doesn’t make that sound any suggestions , because I’ve been
working on this shot a lot lately and I can’t just seem to get it

Ben P says:

9 out of 10 shots went on top right bar down in 12 seconds

Dave C says:

I am a 46-year-old professional who recently decided to take up hockey
after watching it on TV for many years. It is a blast – so much fun to
play, even in an old man rookie league. I am continually looking for ways
to improve my game, like scoring more goals with my close up snapshot. This
video is great. Thanks for posting.

msanna4 says:

Hi Zac. Do you have some ideas to make my off ice shooting practice more
interesting ? I have a really good shot but I’m getting bored doing always
the same ol’ drills. Same thing for stickhandling.

So if someone has an idea ….


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