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Close // Free Hockey Workouts // Goal Scoring Training Part 1 of our Full Hockey Workout Program. …

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247 Hockey Life says:

That is all you do if you are serious about hockey. Head over to our
website and get started with a free hockey training challenge program we

247 Hockey Life says:


247 Hockey Life says:

Stick with lateral bounds unless you have an injury and you can’t do them.
One of the best exercises for hockey. Slideboard is not the same, doesn’t
provide the same amount of balance and power.

247 Hockey Life says:

It all depends on the purpose of the workout. It is always different. For
strength and power workouts, you should be exhausted and crawling out of
the gym. If you aren’t then you aren’t pushing the intensity and weight on
each exercise enough. But ALWAYS use perfect form.

Anneke Walsh says:

im just kinda confused as to what the superset is?

Tyler Estermyer says:

omg thank you! ive been looking for videos like these to get in better
condition. so i can make it farther in my career.

247 Hockey Life says:

Thanks! Glad you like it. Let me know if you ever have any questions.

Tyler Phalen says:

I would like to thank you, from your recruiting guide to great workout
routines everything is so hockey specific and I am getting far better
results than my previous workout regiment, currently being scouted by
university’s /ohl teams thank you, AAA Goaltender

Matt Winter says:

Love your workouts man… Are there any alternative exercises for the
lateral bounds (extra weight, etc.)? Or would a slide board accomplish the
same thing?

247 Hockey Life says:

two exercises or drills back to back with no rest.

MisterCodPlayer11 says:

This is perfect for any serious hockey player! I cant wait to get started!

247 Hockey Life says:

Thanks! Let me know if there is any other videos you would like to see us

unbrandedtuna641 says:

great workouts! really helps with my college hockey! but why did you pass
out man? haha

247 Hockey Life says:

Great man, check back in with me and let. Make sure you sign up for our
free workout and training tips on our website.

Ben Walker says:

How do i fit this workout and other hockey specific workouts into my
regular workout routine??

Evann Gibson says:

When doing the lower body workouts how tired should your legs be?

Migo Elmigo says:

1:20 every hockey players knees are in too bad shape to do that!

TubeCrusader says:

I have found the best off ice training for strength is the basic compound
movements, heavy squants, deadlifts and bench, paired with skipping and
core work

HI HO says:

Thnx for the help, good program!

Gregory Weiss says:

Great Video. I’d like to mix this workout into my weekly training that I
do for my hockey playing. How often per week would you do this? Could you
suggest a On/Off schedule for us? Thanks!

thestuff says:

For the stiff legged dead lift could you use a kettle bell or would it have
to be a dumbbell ? 

max millions says:

I am going to watch all your videos 

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