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Close // Goal Scoring Training // Free Hockey Workouts This Part 2 of our Full Hockey Workout Prog…

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Bronson Kelly says:

how long should the upper body workout be? (ex.1 Hour,2 Hours)

Tyler Phalen says:

I woul s

247 Hockey Life says:

Thanks Mike! Let us know if there is any other videos you would like to see
us make.

MisterCodPlayer11 says:

This is perfect for any serious hockey player! I cant wait to get started!

solarstorm99 says:

Some really good stuff here. I guess my only concern would be that it is
probably better to do the stick-handling first and the push ups and other
exercises after. This is because, doing it the other way round could lead
to bad technique in stick-handling if one is tired after the push up
etc..Technique first, strength training after.

247 Hockey Life says:

Around 45 min.

dbeat2death says:

What kind of ball are you using for the stick handling drills?

Evann Gibson says:

i have been looking for a long time for great exercises to do for my hockey
season coming up and i just found them thank you!

247 Hockey Life says:

This is a smart hockey ball. I recommend switching up from a puck, to a
smart hockey ball, to a golf ball, to a plastic puck. They all force you to
work on different skills. For example with a puck on pavement, it will roll
if you aren’t VERY smooth with your stickhandling, but you can’t go quick.
Golf ball you are just working on straight hand speed. So vary what you use
to work on different skills.

247 Hockey Life says:


Avery Walker says:

Thank you! I’m a girl who was looking for some exercises to do before
hockey started and I finally found some that aren’t way too complicated!

Igor Kosarev says:
max millions says:


Adam Sýkora says:
Sweat Blood and Hockey says:

Hi Zac, just began your four day challenge. Do you have to do the workouts
the very four days following the application? I am away with inline so was
wondering whether you can use the resources later even if you already

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