How to Make a Cheap Hockey Shooting Pad

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This is a bit out of the ordinary for my videos but I thought I’d make this, this is not to cut down on normal hockey shooting pads, I’m sure they work great, this is just a cheaper alternative….

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psuzeppelin5 says:


psuzeppelin5 says:

thanks bud

psuzeppelin5 says:

really appreciate the support man

mrshelby20 says:

my favorite word….. CHEAP!!!

Bryant Baus says:

no it is not, plexiglass shatters

psuzeppelin5 says:

*20 bucks


Love the stick have the same one in my collection go koho

soadfan49 says:

I thought Koho like fell off the face of the earth….

igeen1 says:

use silicone and it will slide so much better

jus5285 says:

thanx 4 the tip

psuzeppelin5 says:

it’s not really a hockey pad… it’s something they use to cut out granite
templates, I’ve never looked but I’m sure they’ll sell them at places like
Home Depot

psuzeppelin5 says:

how well does it slide?

Payton Buller says:

Logo I use the same stick

kenneth2951 says:

Hey buddy nice video :) )

bubnut19 says:

i find it really easy to just unfold a box, and tape a piece of poster
board on it

psuzeppelin5 says:

it’s a great deal… definitely a quality $20 bucks spent

Sidthekid2011 says:

yo check my videos out we got the same hockey stick i always see people
with this hockey stick

cobe dean says:

toe drags

vonbeaver99 says:

There’s no need for drugs anymore

Shawn Smail says:

4:09-4:21 is a big THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!

Cody Raymond says:

Where are you from man?

Nerdinki says:

side is you will go through alot of plunge

Adde väänänen says:

i think its rare hockey stick, dont break it

almightybearrage says:

you didn’t say how to make one. you don’t even know what it’s called. all
you say is it’s durable. you should call it how to use a shooting pad, but
that parts obvious

Adde väänänen says:

jos näen oikein sinulla on suomessa valmistettu KOHO jääkiekko maila

Kian Battestilli says:


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