How to make your own Hockey Shooting Pad

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Here is my own hockey shooting pad. Shooting on my net with my new Reebok 11k stick.

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ncRumble says:

no wonder you have no hands your using a reebok buy a new stick

sangelica101 says:

can you take slapshots

Retro Gamer says:

sick shots !

MrHockeysnipes69 says:

i had bought that same one and it broke in a week or two a shooting pad is $10 more and last like a year or two

Justyn Tesoriero says:

how are you going to say its fairly expensive to buy a real shooting pad which is sooooo much better and yet you have an 11k

Fraser Harvey Ridout says:

could WD-40 work instead of pledge and polish?

orangevillesnipers8 says:


Eady5 says:

handle the puck enough you idiot u suck!!!

jarrett young says:

I love how everybody trashes this guy when they’re probably garbage. It was a Fucking board video not skillz you fucking assholes

Kidd Bauer says:

Yes, i use WD-40 on my pad.

MRowner9 says:

they break easily unlike the shooting pads though thats why i prefer the skill pads

Peggleful says:

do you have to keep putting the Pledge on the board or is it just a one time thing?

longandtalljr says:

i recommend a dry erase board i have a 4×8 sheet and it cost 12.00 and can take slap shots

MrJayWHAT says:

looks like a noob

Quasar919 says:

Not really man :/ slap shots will put cracks in it and will eventually break. LEXAN glass is much stronger than the acrylic, and your hardest slap shot will barely scuff it. It cost’s a bit more but well worth it. I picked up a 48×36 sheet for like $60 (it was the only size they had) a little smaller should run you about 30 or 40.You should be able to find it at any hardware store.

TehRealCookie says:

lol dont miss

joeattack847 says:

no offence but your kinda throughing it at the net so were you not trying and just setting an example?

TkalecTilen says:

@Kidd Bauer Do you put wd-40 on and do you clean the board after you stop shooting?

ownageification says:

check out my shots on my channel FASTEST ON YOUTUBE

ownageification says:

check out my shots on my channel FASTEST ON YOUTUBE

ownageification says:

check out my shots on my channel FASTEST ON YOUTUBE

BucsVarsitygolf4 says:

throwing* dumbfuck….

joeattack847 says:

i dont want to fight i thought they were rather good…… i was jking….. ill like and sub! now dont get mad because i spelled some thing wrong……..

i snipe says:

Its small

BreakerofAnkles49 says:

Bulk size dry erase boards r better

TurdInMicrowave says:

I think you need some more pucks.

theNHLbound says:

You should work on you technique with your shots mostly your stick handling and follow through, just trying to help you out

HockeyBoys4LIFE1 says:

EVERYONE CHECKOUT MY SHOTS!!! you won’t regret it!:)

HockeyBoys4LIFE1 says:

EVERYONE CHECKOUT MY SHOTS!!! you won’t regret it!:)

joeattack847 says:

watch your language dumb nut

Maxwell Dutton says:

i have that same plexi glass for shooting. it works pretty good.

wilson8998 says:

wd40 works well to

EHartHockey28 says:

thanks dude. i went to lowes yesterday and picked up sheet of this stuff. i got the high impact stuff. it works.

b4its2lt says:

Thanks man. Helped lots

cookieman6000 says:

how often do you have to change the pledge?

HHhockey1021 says:

Nice vid come check out shooting vids of me on my channel and tell me what you think. Much appreciated!

Uppercornerhockey says:

sub-ed and liked sub back =)

CadWorldWide says:

i finally went and made this and i gotta say, i love it. works perfect! only thing is that i say jig-a-loo works better than furniture polish. and you cant take slapshots

Garret Baldacci says:

melamine work well also, its better for goalies because they come bigger and you can slide if you have pads sleeves

SportsMilitia says:

legit setup!!! Be part of the HOCKEY MILITIA and check out our videos of leaked products! We will show you products before they hit the market and want you to give us your feedback! Keep up the work my man! Got ya sub’d!

xxSportsBoy17 says:

looks nice

TheHockeysnipes27 says:

That’s some dusty stick handling nice shots :) 

MiniStamkosHockey says:

Did this and it works like a charm

forgetrules says:

What kind of polish did you used ? I can’t translate in french as speed as you talk in these sentence ^^’
I’ have buy a plate of plexi but my pucks don’t moves like yours. So you got the key !!!

snobordkid1 says:

Pledge Furniture Polish

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