How to Shoot Like Phil Kessel

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salohcin1013 says:

Phil Kessel gets such a quick, fast release due to his extremely low flex.
He uses like 70 and below flex according to Lupul. Pretty nuts. But hey,
it works for him. He can really rip.

Austin Pompeo says:

how to shoot like Kessel : you can’t.

CONNORJOHN3000 says:

Fuck where is this video takin ?

akhil rooprai says:

Where the heck do you live?? Im in winnipeg manitoba and they closed the
ice rinks! Im so jealous! Lool

Dean Sheaffer says:

Great video….love the scenery also. Hoping for another cold winter here
in PA. Last year was great.

jeff stephens says:

Really cool video. I’ve never attempted to play hockey though I love the
sport. I probably skate like a 1 legged mule but it’s cool to see how the
technique works broken down.

Stefan Swedlund says:

is that on the road

Kenny Ingram says:

I wantch all of ur videos

Peter Griffin says:

Do u live in canada

Shiro786 says:

Press the A button

DangleCity Snipes says:

How to shoot like kessel : 1 you have to be Phil kessel 

Gullet Mullet says:

Great video. I want to try this shot but I also want my team to make the
playoffs? Any suggestions?

Gordon Steadman says:

Lame. Rent a rink.

simon b says:

i shoot like this

Sub My New Channel -〉 says:

do a how to dangle like datsyuk :) 

Hushoo says:

Small thing you might wanna look into: look at where Kessel scores his
goals! They’re not all bar-down top cheese like I see a lot of kids try
aiming at. It’s 24 square feet of netting to shoot at! 

KSWA21 says:

Phil Kessel should be thanking Joe Sakic for creating and perfecting that
brand of shooting.

Rob Green says:

U skate 100 mph down the boards, and shoot from a bad angle. Tada, how to
shoot like phil kessel.

Dixon Cider says:

First things first you need a Jr 55 flex stick lmao

Keira says:

What flex do you use if your 125 pounds?

anonymzs says:

those feeds from bozie were unreal

Atvars Steinblums says:

Why are the shooting pads so damn expensive? 

Corey Hill says:

I am 160 pounds and I use an 85 or 100 flex but normally I use an 100 flex 

Nathan Quinn says:

I just had a game today and I scored a hat trick shooting the kessel way

TylerJLavoie says:

My home town rink!

horhay cortets says:

but do you lift?

Kris merrem says:

Lol i have the same gloves bro

Landon White says:

I am around 165 pounds and I use an 87 flex stick is this good? 

Frost- OhhFrost says:

i dont get the logic on the flex hes saying to get lol i snap a 65 flex
with wrist shots and im 145lbs and i have to use a 100 flex so i dont snap
it so honestly i dont understand his logic behind that

KendamaKid M says:

Love the vid

Bastila says:

You should do some video about positioning and both offense and defense. It
would be helpful to learn more skills playing d

nicnac180sb says:

Hey Jeremy, I Did What You Said And Used The Other Leg To Put My Pressure
On, And nkw My Shots Harder Then Ever, But My Accuarcy Has turned To
Garbage, whats should i do?

Rofl Harris says:

Does flex matter in street hockey? The only way I can play is on a tennis
court, it sucks but I was just curious.

crakerkraken says:

Wait so you lean on your foot that is nearest to your stick on every kinds
of shot right? Slap shot, snapshot, wrist shot. Everyone of them right? 

Johnny Manolakos says:

Great Video Jer, the hand positioning is what I was missing, gonna practice

ListWritingMachine says:

May I request, how to slash like Kessel?

ryan akey says:

How to be uncoachable by Phil kessel.

Dave C says:

Another great video from Jeremy!

Nigger Who Got What He Deserved says:

Now do a video of how how to defend, hit and be a team player like Phil
Kessel. Shouldn’t take long at all.

Donald Duck says:

Wow i shot like Kessel already.

Armando Rivera says:

Jeremy, Can u do a sidney Cosby video if it’s possible? He shoots left

Joel Thomas says:

Can’t wait for your ‘how to change on the backcheck’ like Phil Kessel 

Luyen Dao says:

Thanks for the video, really helpful – going to practice this before my
next game :-) 

Jaquan Floyd says:

nobody likes hockey

SayStephanie says:

Very good instructional guide! You’re a great teacher!

HockeySniper says:

Isn’t this how you’re supposed to shoot? (Shoot on Right if you’re Right
handed?) I’ve shot this way for years and it works…

MassFisher says:

Where is Part II – How not to play defense like Phil Kessel?

vongolashimondecimo says:

how to be a god [crosby] =3

Exile Gulo says:

Why does Kessel get so much hate? What a player!

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