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Tips and insider info about Jr Hockey Tryouts and training camps. More tips at http://www.juniorhockeytruth.com.

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JuniorHockeyTruth says:

Yes and no. Where you played the year before will more likely influence if
they see you enough to warrant inviting you to camp in the first place.
Once you’re in camp and perform, it really doesn’t matter what you’ve done
in the past. Show you belong when you’re there and that’s what counts most.

ryland .pash says:

alot was covered in this video. good work.

JuniorHockeyTruth says:

All-natural, buddy!

Booby Hill says:

Hey man, i play house league right now. Red, don’t know if you know what it
is but it is the highest level of HL and many of my friends are going into
the OHL , junior and one my be going in the NHL, i put a lot of thought
into it and decided to go all out in a hockey training program called TPH
”total package hockey” do you think if i moved up to at least A and went
all out in TPH would i be ready for Junior A or B? i was think NAHL but ill
take anything i could get thanks man !

Tristan Vanderbur says:

Should we dress nice to these camps?

MrHockeyplayer213 says:

how do you curl your hair in the back like that?

Mike Rocheleau says:

Do jr hockey coaches care what level you played the previous year

JuniorHockeyTruth says:

Good question. You don’t have wear dress clothes or anything like you would
to a game, but be cleaned up. I’d say the biggest thing they’ll look for is
that you present yourself as mature (take care of your appearance), and
that if you were on the team you’d look like somebody they’d want
representing them. Wear your typical clothes like you would to school, but
no torn jeans, profane shirts, etc. Dress proud.

danglesnipeandcellyy says:

Hi my name is Kyle and i’ve been playing hockey since I was 5 I am 17 years
old 6’3 and 185lbs I play forward for varsity hockey for my school for my
senior year cause our school is probably going to win state. I have played
central states for the past two years before this and I have been leading
scorer for the past 3 years including this year I even made all state team
for the state of Illinois and all star teams for central states. I really
want to play the highest level I can possibly play at least play Nahl. I
have talked to my assistant coach who played for the gamblers in the ushl
and was a captain about ten years ago, and I asked him what he thought and
he said he thinks I can easily play Nahl, Ushl easily and he thinks
even Ohl. The thing is though I think that its a lot harder to make teams
like that nowadays compared to when he played ten years ago. I have
incredible speed and skating abilty, great vison ,hockey sense,
determination, and I work hard every shift, my coach even calls me the
beast because of my playing style. I know this is long but my question is
what do you think just from what I’ve given you whats the highest level you
think I can play at because i’m looking to tryout for a bunch of teams in
the spring and I’ve watched tryout videos from years past and the
completion looks good if you can help I’d really appreciate it

Jimmy Frolik says:

Hi nick, I have a question
I’m 15 years old, and I have the choice to play either for the best midget
minor AAA team (u16), or an average midget major team (u18)
what team would you play for??

jordan benson says:

If I did play in high school wat other route or path I go to. I want became
the greatest NHL star

dan .nus says:

Hey, I play midget AA in BC. Im 16 and I really want to play junior hockey
next year, im willing to leave home to go somewhere far. Im a defenceman
and only 5’9 160 lbs. Do I have a pretty good chance to make junior B at my
height and age if im really good?

habs14c says:

i play A hockey in alabama and am looking in tier 3 juniors any tips

3stblue says:

Any tips on getting a agent?

kyle patterson says:

Hey Nick,
I am just finishing my first year of Junior A playing in the NOJHL. I am
trying to get into the OJHL for next year while taking a few University
courses part time. However I don’t know how to ask for a trade and to avoid
being traded to GOJHL (which has much more money but is highly less
scouted) Also my stats aren’t to great this year as a rookie Defense man.
Any tips for asking for a trade without burning any bridges? 

hockeysensleafssuck says:

Is it possible to get drafted from aaa hockey to the ohl then from the ohl
to the nhl???

Big Shooter says:

I am 14 playing u16 A in New Mexico next season (yes, we have competitive
hockey) and I wanted to know if I can get in to a Tier III or Tier II
junior team as a decent to good player on that u16 A team? I am willing to
travel around the US for that team. The team I currently play on travels to
different states in the region. Do you think a junior team scout would be
scouting for a tier 2-3 team at one of those tournaments?



MultiJmmmm says:

Hey Nick any thoughts on if I should leave my high school program to head
to a third tier junior program (usphl empire) I’m a 1998 birth year so I
have time to work my way up through the program. My high school is a
division one school but the competition is starting to fall with more
players opting out of league to prep and jr teams

thanks in advance 

Alfa1016 says:

Dude your awesome 

hockey189 says:

Thanks for this! I’m starting middle school hockey this year. I’ve played
roller hockey and dek hockey. It’s helping a lot 

Mike Flori says:

Would you recommend playing tier 1 high school hockey for the 4 years I’ll
be there or trying out for a Tier 3 junior team in say my sophomore year
and trying to advance from their to tier 2 and then tier 1? Or would I have
a better chance trying to make tier 2 or 1 right from highschool. (There
aren’t any nearby tier 2 or 1 teams) 

John Sroka says:

First off awesome videos and you have helped me help guide my 18 year old
twins after High School and Midge 18AA hockey! We are in the US but still
was able to utilize a ton of your information to benefit my twins. Thank
you! Thank you! Thank you! 

Wesley Zdyrko says:

How could a house league player make junior hockey in the future??????????

José Carlos Vega says:

Hey Nick, i’m a 15 and i’m a mexican hockey player. Actually i’m not
playing on a team because the ice rink closed. I’m looking for combines and
junior league camps, but, can i still be able to get drafted if i get
noticed by coaches and scouts? Also i want to know if the country matters
so i can get a scolarship. Thanks a lot. 

Carter Landry says:

So I am currently playing u16, I’m a natural defenseman and I feel that I
am better on defense but both the team I play for like me as a energy guy.
Even so I get a lot of points and I energize the team but many scouts come
watch my games and Im not playing were I’m best. Especially living in Maine
where there is not much exposure to scouts. How should I handle this?

JuniorHockeyTruth says:

@Wesley How Midget A and AA Players Can Play Junior Hockey

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