My Huge Hockey Shooting and Training Area

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Finally put it all together , pretty sick. Most things are from this site , check it out:

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snipeguy14 says:

Dood the kid who has the comment underneath mine where in BC DO u live?

tj puck says:

puck board= ghetto as fuck

tErMiiNaTeDTv says:

he’s probably talking about Americans you arrogant Canadian squeaker.

burrowssnipes14 says:

thats awesome

finnwith says:

I created a backstop like that with an unusd trampoline net and it works great check it out ill have the vid up tommorow

snipertroy19 says:

if you have all this stuff set up, shouldn’t you have a good shot?

ottawadangle88 says:

Hey guys im here to promote my new channel, it is hockey based,check it out to see what we do.

Zach M says:

Sick set up! You could try putting the 2 rolls togther side by side. It is your choice.

LaxBroChannel says:

everyone please commment on my channel and check it out sweet hockey tricks

sooogoood22013 says:

Thats a big setup

SnipinBaRdOwN says:

what so bad about americans ass wipe

SnipinBaRdOwN says:

Watch his new videos…

Camdaman37 says:

I put my YouTube vid up yesterday and it’s still not up how come

Dylan DeGraw says:

Hey bro nice video look at mine

Blaizur says:

90 for all of them or 90 each?

HHhockey1021 says:

Nice bro come check out my shooting on my channel and tell me what you think. Much appreciated!

goaliegirljamie says:

live on a island in Canada to!

superdude364 says:

lol is ur name from the kfc commercial?

superdude364 says:

DUDE NICE SHOTS! i wish i had those plastic boards for shooting the pucks… not alot of places have those kind of boards.

itsGopherChannel says:

Lawl, i think he ment it as a joke, but still, it is pretty fucking lazy

22hockeyman22 says:

youre a spould brat u get everything u frigin get holli s***t

Creamian67 says:

Are you joking? That thing’s bad ass

jagersnipes68 says:

go screw off somewhere else

Rorybillard1 says:

Use ply wood not like the wood chip kind like pure a Hugh sheet, after like 100 shots works just as good and nail a crazy carpet for snow on it works really good then.

cobe dean says:

that a boy canadian

IAmDaniel1511 says:

I know its a year old jus a quick tip when your shooting dont lift your back foot up keep your feet square more power on shot

justprayaboutit says:

Theres no way your 40 feet away

Goodluck159 says:

Dude you got the worst fucking shot i ever seen

XxSnipeNationxX says:

thats not me… dumbass

akppmovieskits says:

It doesnt mean americans arn’t good at hockey fucker! Mike Madono showed up canadians when he played juniors in canada. If he was an american which he isn’t. He has a good shot. You probably are a duster lustysdusty.

NJDEVILS1214 says:

Why does everyone have to be a douche these days….

hockeysnipers1917 says:

Hey man really sweet video! How much are the shooing pads! Nice set up check out my channel thanks!

kacey mackey says:

for the sickest set-up ever you suck

Liamkelly19 says:

Alright kid i just checked out your channel. I actually laughed my ass off when I saw it. You have multiple video’s of you and your friends (who all think they are hilarious even though they’re basically outing themselves on YouTube) singing to horrible music. Unless you have your own video’s that aren’t wack, don’t comment on my video with insults cause your not a beauty. And one more thing, wearing your little flat hats with gay hair cuts while lip signing makes you look like plugs, sorry.

TheHazardProject says:

Did you hit your stick off the net because there’s no way that your shot did that.

Liamkelly19 says:

Fact, I actually had the old net since I was 6 so obviously its trashed from my shot, and the EZ goals dent fairly easy. But yes, it was only my shot

hockeydangles37 says:

ok so how can he suck wen all your vids are u and 2 other guys lip singing like crap so unless u can do somthing better then y comment like this ?

WhiteBoyFiilms says:

decent hands but your shot isnt very good

crazyshotz202 says:

Dammmmn I wish I was that spoiled!

KingOfClappers says:

How do u make the backstop? And if you want, i know those roll up pads are expensive if you want me to give u a way to make one around a foot wider and long i can, it cost me 13 bucks

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