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THE PROGRAM Ex-pro Gary Roberts and trainer Matt Nichol have created the ultimate hockey training program to take your game to the next level. Sharpen your skills and be a dominant force, shift after shift. Get the full program here Stay in the game. Follow Nike Training.

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CardboProductions says:

1st viewer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jordan Killick says:

Congrats, would you like a cookie???

misuremoustache says:

What’s this song called?

Kaelis Ra says:

Your question is the only reason why I have come to this video. Not because I have the answer, but because I want to get the answer as well!

misuremoustache says:

Hahaha It’s such a good song! xD I think there’s an app on iPhones or iPods/iPads that lets you scan a short amount of music and

MrMajiru says:

Yeah.. What’s the song called?

Kaelis Ra says:

More people might join their program, if they give you the song-title (or better yet an itunes card for the song) as an added bonus.

mbarclay7342 says:

Today I picked out $1200.00 in Nike gear. Then I took it all back cause I couldn’t find the name of this song and went out and bought Reebok.

anarrih says:

I found the song everybody! Song is called Vigilante by Terry Devine King & Adam Drake.

FLixX16 says:

thats not the song, i searched it and it doesnt sound rite.

anarrih says:

Yes it is! Google “Vigilante by Terry Devine King” then click the top link. It should be called audio network or something like that. Then play the top track.

GalilReflex says:

wth is this song anybody that finds it with 2 hours ill paypal yea 25$

mbarclay7342 says:

It is called Vigilante: google the song with quotes around Terry Devine King and quotes around Adam drake comes up with a buy link from audionetwork

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