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Check it out at Speed- Hockey!!- SST has a program dedicated to hockey players that are serious about getting bigger, faster & stronger. This intense camp will push you to the limits and have you in the best shape of your life!!! check it out at Check out other SST Hockey Training-

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colts4169 says:

bigger, faster, stronger? This program might make u a little bigger faster or stronger but not much. There is way too many fancy workouts and not enough substance to this plan. Give me one hour and i can show you a program that will make you twice as big, strong and fast as this expensive piece of crap program. For anyone thinking they have to do all these fancy workouts to get bigger, faster or stronger you are completly wrong. This is nonsense. There are some good workouts but program sucks

WarriorSnipes18 says:

I’m not exactly sure what the point of that was. I’m pretty sure its wrist strength but honestly i have no idea

octanestrengthdotca says:

I use the ropes in my training to train the cardiovascular system because it is very low impact and it will spike your heart rate in seconds. It does not look like much but trust me once you get those ropes going your heart rate will be through the roof before you even know it!

Training4teen says:

Excellent training! Good video!

hockeyrulz137 says:

where is this gym?

pretzelzetzel says:

puck you!

pretzelzetzel says:

hardcore. my quads are lactic just from watching this.

heyguystazhere says:

1:13 …. Ya I cant do that… LOL

TheDieselforce says:

ROFLMAO!!!!…..yet another ”Hockey Academy” that has VERY little idea about REAL Speed, or Strength, and NOTHING about size.

MrHabsfan123 says:

the pros do this

spanku24me says:

its a great execise! ovechkin uses it :P

FoxyRoxy299 says:

3:36 building stamina and core strength.

Eric Demers says:

those big plates are actually 25 lbs. Nice try.

fulforddude says:

try the ropes man, you’ll see…

Jeffo1269 says:

Why the fuck are they Irish dancing?

sstcanadacom says:

Try a workout at your local SST! Whether its football; hockey or speed training- we can help you out

Lei Liu says:

watch the energy drinks ad by sidney crosby, he does that in the mv as well, i think it’s for your whole arm muscle


You try doing the skipping and hopping for 3 hours. Improves balance and agility. Perfect for hockey. Know what you’re talking about before you bitch. Loser.

quincy7397 says:

I’ve done that. Your arms feel like jelly afterwards.

sstcanadacom says:

These guys have 6 lifting wout per week – so they do lift heavy!

tommyskifall says:

Haha I don’t know anything about hockey but great answer mate! Im a full time ski coach and anyone that slates this kind of workout doesn’t understand sport. FACT. Balance, Agility, co-ordination etc etc can’t be improved just by lifting weights and running around a field this stuff is crucial!

emmanuel junior øyasæter says:

it is pretty GOOD.. for everybody that are athletes at a high level. i have seen Ovechkin done it in another video

rockndude87 says:

I can’t imagine the core strength these guys have…

sLyyyboiz says:

:D DD your so wrong :D

TheMinecraftFeat says:

You’ve never seen those before? They’re actually really heavy

mrjonte2309 says:

I can’t believe people still commenting on a comment I made over 2 years ago

punk4head says:

You are not using the right technique to hit the tire with the hammer

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