Off-Ice Hockey Skill Training

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Don Hipp says:

These are fantastic.

fingerboardhockey99 says:

i have trouble keeping my hand off my hip and keeping it in front of me
even tho i bend my knees any tips?

John says:

I just posted my first hockey training video, its my setup. Please go take
a look as I will be posting much more, and keep in mind that it is my first
video, thanks!

247 Hockey Life says:

Leave any questions that you have below and I will do my best to get around
to answering them. -Zac

247 Hockey Life says:

Thanks brother!

TheSpidermanJerry says:


Michael Martino says:

I’ve played hockey for 15 years but recently due to injury via a broken
knee and hip I had lost my game and developed some bad habits. I started
playing again and thanks to this video I’ve started to find my game again,
I’m getting closer to being the puck moving defenseman I used to be. Thanks
a bunch for helping me.

247 Hockey Life says:

They aren’t as good as they could be if you aren’t using the right
technique. Sorry bud.

247 Hockey Life says:

Yup, you get to rotate your wrists better that way.

Kevin Roberge says:

what is the surface your playing on ?

247 Hockey Life says:


Ryan Mathieson says:

When you are shooting do you still put your hand on your knob?

fingerboardhockey99 says:

when stickhandling and shooting

Nate Miller says:

I love your videos…. They really help me! Is it possible that you could
make a video on off season hockey workouts? If you could, that would be

247 Hockey Life says:

Push your top hands away from your body. It just takes practice, there
isn’t any secrets, just practice.

247 Hockey Life says:

Awesome man, keep working hard and training hard!

Jamal Francis says:

Great video man!

247 Hockey Life says:

No, I mean the same length to where it is on your body. So you are right,
it should be a little shorter. Meaning that if your stick comes up to your
chin on the ice, your dryland stick should come up to your chin as well.

fingerboardhockey99 says:

i also use bottom hand to stickhandle even tho i have quick and soft hands

DAN FREY says:

I have a question. You say your dryland stick should be the same length as
your ice stick but you are taller on skates then on tennis shoes. Shouldn’t
the dryland stick be a little shorter?

Ryan Mathieson says:

When stick handling on ice and shooting is it better with no wax or with

247 Hockey Life says:

Check out our website. You can download an entire off-season and in-season
program for free.

247 Hockey Life says:

If you want to really take your hands and skill to the next level, you need
to control the puck with your top hand and your bottom hand is for
creativity. As you move up in levels you need to have proper technique if
you really want to excel.

Matt Smith says:

Would it be a bad idea to use a stiffer heavier stick while doing shooting
and handling drills?

Zachary Buck says:

If I’m shooting at home with a shooting pad (obviously without skates on),
will this be a dramatic difference from how my shot will feel on the ice an
inch or so taller with skates on? Thanks beforehand for any advice anyone
has to offer.

PointsOfHonesty says:

Great video, thanks!

TheSbondo007 says:

I have never heard the part about the ball of the stick end being placed in
the middle of the hand. I always see videos and just assumed that was
proper placement, the placing of the stick on the edge of your hand. Great
tip, that I will bring into my bag of tips, thanks.

zhockey says:

thank you

Pablo Sanchez says:

Hey my stick is not the same as on the ice I do this on purpose cause the
skate gives some height so I try to get that height off the stick

247 Hockey Life says:

@Matt Smith – that isn’t necessary but if you want to rotate that stick in
ONCE in a while, that is fine.

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