Off Ice Hockey Training: Build strong legs and improve balance.

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Close and London, Ontario based hockey trainer Maria Mountain, MSc share a great exercise to help hockey goalies and skaters build strong and stable legs. All you need is a set of dumbbells or a barbell to start developing the power and balance hockey players need. Visit http to pick up your complimentary copy of the Ultimate Core Training for Hockey guide.

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Devo2931 says:

Thank you VERY much Maria! I am looking too play goalie at a high level next year so I really need to work on my conditioning off the ice! This is a fantastic exercise and it helps me get to the high fitness level I needto be at in order to play Rep Hockey.

Keep the videos coming

GuruEdward says:

hey, thanks for the tip! My sister’s name is Maria as well

GuruEdward says:

hahaha OOOOOKKKKKKAAYYYYYY lol, take care.

Jack Pauro says:

i was wathching a interview with kovalchuk and brodeuer and couldnt help but notice how ripped their legs were do simple exercises like squats lunges sl squats and deadlifts with light dumbells help acheive strong legs at a bantam level

Jack Pauro says:

heavy weights like 15 to 20 pounds or like barbells and what not

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