Off Ice Stickhandling Part 1 of 3

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In part one of three for off ice (dryland) stickhandling training we cover the fundamentals of using proper technique when practicing. Part one also covers b…

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Makoto Hashimoto says:


Off Ice Stickhandling Part 1 of 3

gadnium says:

FIRST! haha great video as usual guys!

greenzoid2 says:

you’re probably recovered fully from that ankle injury now, but if you are
still looking for a way to practice stickhandling off ice, you can buy a
large shooting pad and a fly puck to use at home. I dont have any surfaces
at my house that are good for stickhandling, so I bought a 4 by 8 shooting
pad which simulates ice. Even when you are playing and going to practices
etc, I find it helps a lot to just stickhandle on it for 10 minutes a day
and it is fun too. You could get both for <$100

whitesox189 says:

I need your help ican dangle really good with a ball but when i go to use
the puck i cant move it as fast what am i doing wrong

Nick martinez says:

I cant shoot…dont no y

nathan poon says:

does this give you soft hands too?i just came back from an ankle injury and
my hands are super stiff..thx

pierre lemec says:

what is better swedish hockey ball or smart hockey ball?

lchivy says:

Ball is light and way easier to move and control (I play both ice hockey
and ball hockey). You’ll need to build up some wrist strength. Use an old
stick or one you don’t really care about and tape some hockey pucks to the
end of it and stick handle a bit. Also, look up how to make a Wrist Blaster
to help you more with wrist strength.

SuperHockeyskills says:

Try stickhandling a smart hockey ball with a weighted stick. Do this for
ten minutes a day and before every game and practice.

Mike Kolodziej says:

Thanks for the video! Helped a lot!!

TheSpidermanJerry says:


MrFumigator says:

Thank you …. Kevin, Greetings from Bulgaria ..

Hockey Tutorial says:

Another great video Kevin, I shared this on our forum page.

Arseni Vladimirovich says:

Spasibo says:

Swedish hockey balls focus more on speed, where smart hockey balls focus
more on the weight/feel of a puck. So it really depends on what you’re
trying to train for in my opinion.

telcolance says:

Great tips. Thank you.

infoHITHOCKEY says:

Off Ice Goalie training at “Rollerfly”

ubermensch727 says:

I posted a few videos lately. My stickhandling style is strikingly similar
to that of the guy who posted this video. Check my vids out on my channel!

Aydn Lunden says:

his head was down like the whole time

whitesox189 says:

ill try it thanks

Scott Hord says:

Why were u so out if breath?

SBB says:

because he is a fatass

Paul Hwang says:

Should i be using a stick that is cut shorter than the one i use on the ice?

Hurmer Michael says:


Michael Zhang says:

hello, do you need a custom stick?

tinyTurtle says:

Don’t keep looking Down u could be stick handling but u can’t c in front of

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