Off-Season Training With the O’Reilly Brothers’ (“Endless Winter”)

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An exclusive look at the off-season training routine of brothers Ryan and Cal O’Reilly in Bayfield, Ontario, Canada. Follow them on and off-the-ice throughou…

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Iampilch5 says:

Actually Calgary made the deal to detour other teams from wanting to pick
up/match the offer.

Luke Hannon says:


Mark Morris says:

That in my hometown! go ryan

ktm144blitz says:

it still would have happened, alot of teams could use a player like oreilyl
fucking idiots

theBoonarmies says:

more of this sort of stuff please. great vid.

Shannon Grierson says:

lol hahhaahahha

Nicole Frank says:


Ilkka Saarinen says:

Haha cleaning the beer pong table! 2:15

Iwona Gackowska says:

cool ;)

Edgars Ārinieks says:

what is the song name ?

Roxann Ryan says:

This was a really well put together video

Mike Jaynes says:

Is this an 80s montage?

morismosss says:

Amazing place…

kenny74056 says:

love to watch vid’s like this of nhl players training and enjoying life !

Сергей Галась says:


atomic519 says:

Great video, I like the song too.

godsfuneral says:

Don’t be foolin yourself. You can clearly see that he took a huge bong hit.

DCShoesSkater says:


jas doug says:


Jesse Romyn says:

That’s my home town!

Tyson Koss says:

“Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”
Bullshit, look at these guys. They’re working their tails off. This video
has motivated me at the gym the past couple of days and I’m sore as a
result. Thank you. #hockey #workoutvideo #yeahbuddy 

cche16 says:

i can’t breathe

bob marley says:

@EdgarsĀrinieks, the song is my delirium by Ladyhawke

Wesablo says:

Worst song ever.

BEJAHICanada1 says:

Great video, but what the hell was that ending with the step aerobic class?

Július Danko says:

this is just…WOW :O :) ))

ResttPowered-ImortaLL FAN says:

very inspiring video yes :) is very very great for hockey and for hockeys
peoples :) good job -PLEASE more videos :) 

Amy H says:

What gorgeous scenery! :) 

Miky Statnigrosh says:

This is a pure definition of livin the puck life

brokennarcissist says:

Gayest player in the league?

Jimmy Wynne says:

really great video…very inspiring. Please make more

Eric Albrecht says:

Go Avs!

Keegan Moerike says:

looks like they were playing some beer pong on that table

acrossdline says:

Can the +NHLPA do more of these offseason lifestyle/training videos,
they,re really good!!

D. Ivnier says:

this made me hate my life a lot

JJ Bish says:

Awesome video, great song. Love the Hard work; Hockey takes so much
dedication that unless you have lived the life from squirts on you would
never know. Not an Aves fan, but I’m an O’Reilly fan—-come on Ryan step
it up this season I know you have it in you!!!

missloloxo says:

Representing my hometown at it’s finest!! So proud of you guys! Keep up the
hard work :) 

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