PA Puck Ice Hockey How-To: Shooting

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In this video, hockey instructor Al MacCormack talks about proper techniques for wrist shots and snap shots.

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James Baxter says:

he can smell it

turbohauki says:


PlasticC4 says:

alright, so that’s how you do a snap shot and holding the stick correctly.

Niklas Braunfels says:

awesome dude

J Heise says:

Good stuff here. Make some more on team concept or def concepts.

MDLsLab says:

Sup red head

Mazka says:

Youre awesome and a good teacher man! :) Keep your videos comin!

Chillmanits Sten says:

Incorrect, you always want to cradle the puck in the heel when firing a
shot off.

ZeldaZelda123123 says:

because they are better than you at hockey?

Legohenfish says:

1:10 he lurches :D ::

BillyTheKid380 says:

damn, bunk life

M9Fumjaa says:

how do you know they’re douchbag rich kids?

Jbullock93 says:

those kids were taking small slapshots thats definitely not how to do a

FatalzGaming3 says:

i subscribed please subscribe back

TheSpidermanJerry says:


hockeyyismylife says:

these kids are playing junior, very soon

Berardo Mauro says:

Bar down like 5 times on the drill

BillyTheKid380 says:

i want to hip check those 2 little douchebag rich kids

CraigB93 says:

I think Al likes a drink

nahtek14 says:

fuk thus m8

Christian pizzoleo- miles says:

thats so stupid those are not snap shots there are mini slap shots!!!!!

Colinpocalypse says:

Damn those kids..

HockeyGuy241 says:

Thats not a snap shot they brought up there stick like a slap shot 

coolera123 says:

His face is so red lol

Bam Dalbec says:

thats a mini slapshot u wanna be hockey player

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