PK Subban – Montreal Canadiens | NHL Off-Season Hockey Workouts

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PK Subban of the Montreal Canadiens talks about the work that he puts in during the off-season to prepare himself for the NHL season. PK’s off-season workouts is in his home town of Toronto are at Laylor Performance Systems where he works out under the guidance of Clance Laylor.

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robbie sap says:

how much does he bench there?

datsyuk134life says:

“the 12 months of the summer”
ehh boy

WallyPumster says:

that looks like a 45+ 2 35s and a 25… 140×2+45 pound bar = 325 max if my math is correct for 1 rep, which is very decent but not spectaculour for a guy who’s listed at 212. He only appears to be partially deadlifting in the 400s here though, which is surprisingly low if thats all he can do.

panther2797 says:

How big was that bar he was benching with

Charlie Mack says:

wow youre way wrong. Dude is strong as a fucking ox.

SeedSpitter sanchez says:

you mean 12 weeks?

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