PK Subban off-season workouts for the NHL season

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PK Subban is training at LPS this summer as he prepares for the upcoming NHL season with the Montreal Canadiens. PK talks about his off-season training program and his strength gains working with Clancy.

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GTreconGT says:

Wow, this guy is such a beast, imagine Ovechkin, he flipped Subban a few meters into the air with a bodycheck. My goodness.

BostonOwnsMontreal says:

All that work and he still got his ass kicked by Marchand. Where is the episode where he takes acting courses? Boston>Montreal

BillyTheKid380 says:


BX02 says:

someone should slip him a deep purple cd,..and get rid of that dope shit.,.no punn intended

dirtpipedan says:


ImNotAfraid4 says:

u calling me a tool?

Poundcakes says:

this guy belongs on the habs. so dirty.

MOMOarabe says:

pk you’re a great player but you gotta stop acting like a bitch and learn to fight. please

5rheault says:

to bad hes a pussy on the ice

lvdon380 says:

holy shit. do you people come watch a subban video just to post stupid comments? apparently you hate him so much you watch videos of his off-season training. that’s a little obsessive don’t you think?

dck8andrew says:

i thought he said he benched 450, that would be brutal.

youspic says:

yo this guy needs to be long term signed. dont be like us Ottawa guys who lost Chara

jblazeURI says:

how many days a week does he work on his dives??

Simon Tupper says:

As much as every player in the NHL, but PK has a lot of personnality so whatever he does seems to be 10 times worst or 10 times better. He still is one of the most talented young defense men.

TheHABSSUCK1 says:

@jblazeURI hahahaha!!! Classic.

attananightshadow says:

i want to see his lower leg workout so i too can slewfoot like a pro.

BruinsRock8 says:

He had a long time to work out in the offseason!

TJBGSP123 says:

both top comments are hilarious lol i bet they dont think they same thing right now

attananightshadow says:

Pro hockey players have an off ice protocol to generally follow, especially what the ‘public’ sees or can see. think about the nasty comments that would come flowing in if say, Phaneuff or Chara had racial slurs in the background of one of their videos… the outcry would be tremendous.

also, what makes you think i don’t work out half as much as a pro hockey player? you’re assuming which makes you seem like an overemotional fanboy retard.

attananightshadow says:

to ad to that, when i played jr, you’re told how to act / behave in interviews, public events (which i never had any) and anything that could be “put on TV”.

no duh, Subban obviously allowed these people to vid him during a workout, but he should’ve been smart enough to have a better choice in music. that’s all i’m saying and i know i’m right in how they’re ‘told’ how to act and behave infront of the ‘public’. whether they do it or not is up to the player’s own ego.

rpovlik says:

im still hiding.. come find me

hockeyhero555 says:

how about you actually show us?

BobbyBars14 says:

Too bad all this off season lifting didnt teach him how to fight. Lol. Aweful fighter. Just aweful.

SnipersVerdict says:

I hate this kids personality but man does he have fucking talent, if the Habs trade him it will be a BIG mistake

zxb5022 says:

hes gonna have plenty of off season to train this year :)

irohide1 says:

He trains in toronto during off-season

EvanMichaud4 says:

I love watching p.k because I know him!!

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