Power Skater – Hockey Dryland Training Machine – by HockeyShot.com

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Develop the stride power that will propel you past your opponents with the PowerSkater. Learn the secrets of proper skating technique. Increase your speed an…

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Robert Edmondson says:

Possibly the “PowerSkater” provides a viable exercise, but it’s a crude
replication of skating. The straight line back and forward movement of the
feet does not match the stride path of actual skating, nor would the
elastic cord resistance in the tracks recreate the sensation of momentum
experienced during actual skating. Furthermore, there is no fluidity in the
movement of the user in the video. I don’t think he’s a real person. There
must be a large wind-up key concealed somewhere.

DeTeR1312 says:

Looks at least as viable as that that slidewinder thing you’re pushing.

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