Practice Your Stationary Wrist Shot: Hockey Shooting

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Close Step by step instruction on how to practice stationary wrist shot.

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HockeyHitman71 says:

yea and hes not goin nearly 100% at anytime in this video, hes actually sick, u shud b takin notes.

Polikliniikka1 says:

thanks man, good tips!

MamboPython says:

Yes, but if you want more power, you need to shift your weight and use your whole body. Your shot may be fine now, but working on mechanics will make it even better

guitared100 says:

Great tips! Some of the best on YouTube.

okpapereat says:

alexander semin is better, he should be teaching this im not listening to you, you suck unlike semin or ovechkin. BOOOOOOO!!!!!

ezhockey says:

I have that stick, it’s very bottom heavy.

FlyHighSim says:

thanks for the tips man.

kor NEL says:


trevorshannon123 says:

i love how guys chirp these videos, there on here to help you. If you dont want the extra knowledge dont watch!

Sephirot1994 says:

any ideas how i could train my shooting at summer time? because there’s no ice at summer and i live in a apartment building and we dont have a basement?

sapoe3 says:

will putting flex on ur stick when doing a wrist shot help?

Thekeymeister says:

Hey Guys, your videos have always helped me, i can snapshot, wristshot and slap all pretty well with a good amount of power and pretty accurate. But i just cant get altitude! I always follow the puck and point high but it always ends up low. Is there any secret to getting it nice and high that ive missed, or is this a practice makes perfect scenario?

Thekeymeister says:


MrSosuli says:

‘… u snap your wrist’ thats sounds pretty dangerous

firkka says:

Try flexible stick. That pointing doesn’t really give any altitude. It makes your movement smooth and rotational. Accuracy comes with experince and proper technique. Technique needs proper stick with proper flex.

Thekeymeister says:

Yeah i still on wooden at the moment, but i tried my mates composite and it was so much easier! Cheers for advice man, Ill look to pick one up tommorow

AngelIIDANIEL says:

hey i need help im all good up until the snap the wrist part

S01NOR says:

LOL, you can’t train this in the kitchen, you will end up hitting your wife or the food that she made..

ToggleSwitch13 says:

its sounds like he’s blowing stuff up… or the puck is breaking the sound barrier o.0

dsheaffer3660 says:

Only a real tool would give this a dislike. Thanks for one of the best shooting videos out there.


i really like this guys explanations

danieltrump says:

Good vid!

patmanzi says:

the puck is suppose to be in the middle of the blade. Its called shortening up your run way. the puck takes longer to get off your stick if its on your heal.

Ballistik071 says:

nice video but you forgot to say point with ur toes

Playa84646 says:

Looking to become a hockey player.. I need to know, What do i need to do to be able to play in the NHL (Requirements for CHL)

svetturban says:

You need to be able to always have fun on the ice.

hockey3761 says:

Bring it back and snap it….wait a minute…

FancyPonce says:

“you wanna bring it low, you shoot low.”
wow, thanks dude.

turbohauki says:

good tips;DDthanks

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