Pro Ice Hockey Player Hiting The Gym Hard in Pre-Season

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For more info follow on: This is Mark Thomas, Great Britain International and Sheffield Steelers Professional…

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Jaipaul Sethi says:

for the lov of the gme

stepbak91 says:

i dont have a truck in my gym

ashish khatri says:

If you seriously want to bulk up, you should do a Google search “Smashing
Ripped X”. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

Alexander Ovechkin says:

NHL players Off ice practices isn’t this hard.

David Villarama says:

So…. Wasn’t good enough for 7th round? Stick to “football” buddy, let us
Americans and Canadians (same thing) do hockey.

thecrazygene1 says:

If he works out soo hard why is he still soo scrawny?

Casey Imbergamo says:

go deeper on those squats..this is the most important exercise for hockey

tr her says:

Have you compared his strength before & after? His sprints? Or did you do
some CMJ or SJ or sth. else? If not, it is no senseful workout in my

Justin Roberts says:

this guy is gonna be sore the next day lol

andoverlaxer says:


Rayskat Forecast Janna says:

I feel like a fatty now…

Paul N says:

I’ve seen him play at Sheffield Arena – overtime scoring specialist. Still
on the team for 2012/2013 (unless those NHL lockout refugees kick him off!
We have Tom Sestito for a month or two at the moment).

David Villarama says:

And don’t say I’m a lazy ass anybody. The rangers thought about signing me
but I wanted to do college. I played for Harvard.

REDmanchester1989 says:

was this filmed at Wilmslow Total Fitness?

PrimeTimeLifts says:

all that and no sprints? Really?

boipinoi604 says:

Five people are couch potatoes.

dfpguitar says:

Lol at moron personal trainer throwing together ever fad going and not
getting the basics right.

Tom Mather says:

Chris , great video.. shame there are so many idiots watching YOUTUBE…
jealous of your knowledge , ignorant nieve people who eat pies all day long
wishing they had one percent of your knowledge. hahaha dfpguitar what a
stupid comment , FOOL!

Epicbeans999 says:

I liked the part where he worked out

TheRealProdigYz says:

A SPORTS TRAINING MONTAGE!!!!!! gonna need a montage

emmanuel junior øyasæter says:

that means that i (Norway-Nigeria) cannot become an hockey world champion
if not emigrated to one of these countries? why not US on the list? (aren’t
they good enough)? man, shit that i became norwegian instead of our nabour
country sweden:( im living 2 hours away from the swedish country:(

simir679 says:

he can barely become a world champion in ice hockey unless he emigrates to
Canada, Sweden, Czech Republic or Russia.

xmatt105 says:

Joriah, that’s because figures skating doesn’t involve checking

Jean-Marc Belliveau says:

NHL is even harder then this im 14 and i do similar off ice training
exercises to improve my game and get ready for tryouts

Warren Bennett says:

Even Rocky had a montage……Haha

James Ralph says:

Terrible programming and execution

Travis Howard says:

what the hell am i doing watching other people train. im getting my lazy
ass of my couch and going to work out.

hockeyyismylife says:

he was sprinting up stairs. does that count?

hockeypark says:

english hockey players HAH

Ryan Rogers says:

best song

bj397810 says:

I don’t believe the truck one.

bouchser000 says:

haah he said its fucking hot!

MooCowKris says:

Well I know who I want to be in my car with when it shits the bed…

MasterOfPES says:

welcome to snap city

Jhobes15 says:

Looks like he is better at working out than playing hockey

Prince Nicola says:

what’s the name of song ?

Mister Tibbles says:

@TheStudman73 Those who boast about winning fights, end up loosing them ;)
Just saying ‘hard man’.

emmanuel junior øyasæter says:


Courtney Wallis says:

Obsessed with this video, he’s my favourite player and i love him ;) just

matyb129 says:

he make funny face at 1:41, me laugh

Warren Bennett says:

Good work out there fella, those single arm pull ups on the smith are

liam120720082008 says:

Such language number 44, you’ll make me blush… you massive fucking hero!!

AnBr9698 says:

NHL players do this twice a day lol

VonMilash says:

As soon as you see the word PRO, you know the guy is a nobody and not in
the NHL. 

sploofmonkey says:

Some of those exercises are just a waste of time. Use full range of motion
when doing weight training because your muscles are not being fully
utilized if you just go 3/4 or 4/5 of the full range of motion.
I like the weight ball too, get your buddy and toss the heavy ones at each
other. That will toughen you up like a roman soldier.
Single limb exercises are important. Develop and alternate right and left
arm/leg exercises. 

mandez19 says:

Such face deformation

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